Buzz Technologies Inc BZTG Board of Directors have agreed to a name change

The company’s assets will be for now the entire capital of The Heffernan Group, post exchange the board will consider a restructure of the share capital on a 1 for 10 or 1 for 100 basis once if needed, once The Heffernan Group (BVI) has secured its own listing.

The Heffernan Group (BVI) is made up of a number of investment holding companies. It operates through various business divisions in Asia: Property, Technology, Finance, Mining, Energy and Industrial.

The Heffernan Group investment portfolio in property principally comprises of hotels and condominium projects in Asia, as well as serviced apartments, hotel interests and other residential accommodation. The Manufacuring division manufactures, markets and distributes the products from washing machines to motor vehicles and spare parts in partnership with Ebeling Heffernan.

The Financial services division operates a number of businesses many in partnership with Ebeling Heffernan all concentrated on Asian markets and will expand into the securities sector in 2010. Our energy investments include Asian Energy Inc a supplier of solar energy and a leading manufacturer of solar products in Asia. Our mining interests in Asia include Oil & Gas, Mn Ore, Iron Ore, Gold and Quartz.

In Technology, we are launching the platform, we have built and own the, our games company Splashscreen is set to release games in Asia in 2010 on iPhone, PS3 and PC and our premium outsourcing service has already generated solid revenue.