Build a Fortune With Zapper’s Exclusive Lego Trade-in Deals

Promising a great price for collections, Zapper has rapidly become the go-to for individuals looking to declutter and make money from unwanted Lego. The average bag is worth approximately £10.50 on the Zapper trading site – which offers much more than simply throwing it away. Since Lego trade-in was introduced on their site, they have bought in over three tonnes – which has all gone to new homes – and paid out thousands of pounds to customers. Everything Zapper takes in is recycled, ensuring waste is kept to a minimum, while every piece of Lego is washed and sold on to one of the largest collectors of Lego in the world.

Patrick Neill, CEO of Zapper, said, “Lego has been enjoying somewhat of a resurgence recently, thanks to exclusive deals with some of the most successful companies in the world. However those with kids understand that, as with everything, toy obsessions come in phases. This can leave homes cluttered with rogue bricks and characters that are no longer used. Throwing these away is the obvious solution, but when Lego costs so much to buy, this can prove to be a costly exercise. However thanks to our stress-free platform, these unused and unloved Lego pieces can be brought back to life in exchange for money.”

Highlighting how far Lego has come in its 83 year history, the company is estimated to have produced more than 700 billion elements since its inception. As a result of its success, it is now projected that every person on earth owns at least 86 Lego bricks, while the average high street shopping bag of Lego weighs approximately 3kg.

With a longstanding reputation for innovation, Zapper is one of the only trade-in platforms in the UK to offer a gift card sales arm of their company, which allows customers to get rid of unwanted or unused gift cards in exchange for cash. To find out more about Zapper and their forward-thinking ways of helping the general public declutter their lives and make money at the same time, visit the website:

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Since Zapper’s launch in 2011, they have paid out millions of pounds to happy customers, and processed tens of millions of items. Since their record-breaking appearance on BBC Dragons’ Den, they have grown to be the destination of choice for consumers looking for the most hassle-free, customer-focussed website and mobile app for selling books, CDs, DVDs, games, phones, gadgets and LEGO(R).