Buggyra Academy and Oxyrevo, the hyperbaric chamber manufacturer, have signed a multi-year partnership to exchange best practices

Within this partnership, Oxyrevo will supply a hyperbaric chamber for Aliyyah, branded in the Buggyra Academy colors. A hyperbaric chamber provides pure oxygen in a pressurized environment where the air pressure is two to three times higher than in normal surroundings. This enables the lungs to gather much more oxygen than would be possible at normal air pressure. In sports, the hyperbaric chamber is used to help recover quicker from high efforts. There are fixed and portable models to use while at home or travelling.

Martin Koloc, Buggyra’s CEO and team principal commented: “We are always looking to improve the quality and speed of recovery for our athletes. We have been trying a lot of new techniques with Aliyyah as part of the Buggyra Human Labs project and NURES® program. Oxyrevo is a strategic supplier for us and develops specific applications based on insights from the world’s toughest races like the Dakar Rally.”

The Buggyra Human Labs project started in 2018 with the participation of Buggyra Racing in the Dakar Rally. Buggyra scientists have been gathering a massive amount of “human” data in a variety of extreme conditions. Data-based nutrition, performance and recovery methods are structured into the NURES ®program for each Buggyra athlete. The NURES® program developed by Buggyra Human Labs provides the ultimate guidance for professional athletes to reach their performance goals by optimizing the athlete’s training, nutrition, and recovery.

All industrial partners have access to vast amounts of real data samples to facilitate the research for future product development. The Oxyrevo chamber will be installed into Aliyyah’s movable rehabilitation trailers used during the Dakar Rally, the FIA World Rally Raid Championship as well and the 24H Series season.

Aliyyah Koloc explains why she uses a hyperbaric chamber: “A hyperbaric chamber is very good for me because I travel a lot on a very tight schedule. It enhances my performance and helps me recover faster. I tried a few different types of hyperbaric chambers, but the Oxyrevo was the best for me. It is easy to travel with, you can use it by yourself, so it is very convenient. There is a window, so it is very comfortable, and you don’t feel suffocated inside.”

Tommy Zhu, the Sales Director for Oxyrevo said: “We are very happy about this partnership with Aliyyah helping her to physically improve and get even better results. It also enables us to show and test our hyperbaric chambers in the harsh environment that is motorsport. All I can say is: Revolutionize your body through oxygen!”

Apart from supplying the hyperbaric chamber, Oxyrevo will work with Buggyra Academy to gather feedback and data related to the use of a hyperbaric chamber in harsh environments like endurance racing, and the Dakar Rally in particular.