The initiative reflects the growing trend towards hyper-personalisation. As reported in the Skift Megatrends 2019 report, “What constitutes a transformative travel experience can only be defined by each individual traveller based on their own personal value, passions, and aspirations”.

The 22 measures of personal psychology the interview incorporates reveal a client’s likes, dislikes, fears, deepest motivations, areas for growth and sources of inspiration. This deepened understanding of the way clients think, feel and behave, allows our bespoke travel planners to conduct more creative research, make better choices and superior recommendations.

In the context of travel, these kinds of insights can lead to life-enhancing experiences, personal growth, self-development and for clients, the knowledge that their time could not possibly have been better spent. Each trip becomes exponentially unique and personal to the client at that moment in time. Brown + Hudson recognises that people’s needs can change day by day and minute by minute so they build in the ultimate in flexibility to cater to their clients’ ever-changing needs. This what they call Bespoke 2.0. It is the future of hyper-personal or truly bespoke travel.

Studies have shown that people find it hard to self-analyse, so asking the right questions is key. According to Michael Bond, “The final choice of parameters, and the questions we have derived from them, are designed to draw out those individual attributes that are most relevant to the many experiences someone is likely to encounter during their bespoke journey”.

“Technology changes fast but human psychology, values and needs take longer to evolve. We use a scientific and psychology-based approach to get closer to our clients, to research more creative ideas and ultimately to plan better travel experiences that make better use of our client’s precious time.”, explains Philippe Brown, Founder of Brown + Hudson.

By delving deeper into the human psyche, Brown + Hudson uses each completed client interview to create more meaningful and personally fulfilling travel experiences. With a science-based approach there’s far more to a journey than where you stay and the sights you see: with this new approach you are the destination.


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About Brown + Hudson

Brown + Hudson is a London-based, bespoke travel company. A team of travel experts creating exquisitely crafted, richer travel stories. A cross between therapists and investigative journalists, their bespoke travel advisors begin by working closely with clients to understand their needs, interests, motivations and goals. Building upon this client-led approach to travel planning, Brown + Hudson has gone one step further by incorporating academic research on the psychology of personality and values into their client interview process. With a true sense of who a client is, they can then turn their curious minds to the destination, to research and reimagine it specifically for each client. Brown + Hudson is utterly creative, insightful and incomparably memorable. Impossible to duplicate.