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The ILA is dedicated to the exploration of the profound effects of light on our health and wellbeing. It features an international membership, encompassing light therapy practitioners, health professionals, artists, architects, scientists, educators, product manufacturers, interior and exterior designers and philosophers.

International Light AssociationThe International Light Day will display case studies from a number of modalities where working with light has produced exceptional outcomes. The modalities involved range from therapeutic use of light through the eyes, and absorption through the skin, to psychological and medical applications. 

Learn how a young asthmatic boy was calmed with coloured light within a few minutes without resorting to his inhaler, how coloured light helped a young woman’s depression and isolation lift, enabling her to live a full and happy life and marvel at how exposure to coloured light helped a baby’s necrotic finger tips recover.  These are inspiring and life changing stories and all achieved with non-invasive light therapies. 

Pauline Allen, chair of ILD said “it feels like the time is right to herald a new awareness of what light in all its forms can do for us.  Until fairly recently society has taken for granted its importance and supporting scientific research has been sparse.  It is our aim that the launch of ILD will be a springboard for research, comment and collaboration from all light related fields, thus raising awareness to the wider community”.

The ILA welcomes one and all, both those with an established passion for light and colour as well as the simply curious newcomers, to its 10th annual conference. Dates are September 20th through 25th, 2013 and the venue is the well-appointed Ter Dennen residential conference centre in Westmalle near Antwerp, Belgium. Lectures, interactive workshops, exhibitors, a credit bearing light course module, as well as cultural offerings are all on offer. Among the international luminaries presenting are physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, biologist Dr. James Oschman, neuropsychiatrist Dr. Christian Agrapart, architect Dr. Richard Hobday, all with important information to share.
After nearly a decade in existence, the ILA is in the process of developing a degree course in Light Studies, legitimising and recognising the use of light not just as an esoteric practice but also as an academic discipline.  Generations ago, the human race instinctively realised the importance of light, and as mankind progressed through the ages, to some degree this has been lost or perhaps forgotten.  Now in the 21st Century, humanity is finally rediscovering the importance of light and what it can bring to society and civilisation. 

During the past 10 years, practitioners from across the globe have been attracted to join the organisation, bringing with them a wealth of experience in differing fields of light related work. Light informs every day of one’s life; now is the time to really understand what that means.

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