Breaking the Global Scientific Supremacy through Open Access Journals

Although the Global Research and development expenditure is reaching two trillion dollars (US$), the research outcome is not attaining limelight due to the closed access publication models. It is out of reach to research community and tax payers, as they remained inaccessible. Genuine and quality oriented research outcome must be published in the open access journals in order to harness the benefits before the research get obsolete.

Global R&D spending region wise, asian countries share (China, Japan, India and South Korea) an increased total of 40% while South and North American share is decreasing to 30% from 35%. European R&D estimated expenditure is at 20% and 10% from rest of the world. China is expected to overtake Europe and United States in terms of R&D budget by 2020. As per GDP, Israel and Korea are the biggest spenders on R&D at 4.21% and 4.15% followed by Japan (3.49%), Finland(3.32%) and Sweden (3.12%).

The global industry and academic funding reveals the United States share as $514 billion followed by, China ($397), Japan($167), Germany ($109), South Korea ($77) and India ($72). Over the years, even though the funding from the Asian countries is on rise, their quality research results are not visible to the rest of the world. The articles originated from these countries are not getting cited frequently compared to the English speaking countries. “Probably this is due to limited reach or the inability of the non-English speaking world to articulate the same in English. The dominance of English in R&D is hindering many Asian and African scientists and open access journals could bridge these language barriers,” Gedela added.

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