Brand new bet calculator announced by 10bet

In modern times, betting companies are offering more and more choices to their customers, with as each way, rule four and complex accumulators are added to the standard variables such as original stake, odds available and the type of bet on offer. For this reason, calculating potential earnings, as well as risk involved can become a complicated endeavour.

A bet calculator therefore ensures accuracy and simplicity for those who wish to place a bet, facilitating a quick and easy way for the bettor to work out how much they stand to make if their bet becomes a winner depending on their original stake plus the odds and type of bet chosen.

This becomes an empowering tool for the bettor as all bet types and odds formats are available, allowing for informed decisions to be made over whether or not a particular bet is worth the risk. The newly-launched 10bet bet calculator will instantly reveal potential winnings after the bettor simply inputs each factor that will alter the result of the wager.

In order to do so, they simply select the relevant option from the drop-down list that appears when they complete the form on the new Bet Calculator. Then, every wager that is offered by 10bet can be worked out quickly and easily, in a user-friendly fashion.

The 10bet Bet Calculator can be used free of charge and usage is unlimited. It works in a fully-automated fashion and avoids potentially costly human errors in working out potential returns.

For example, popular among bettors is a football accumulator, a wager in which the bettor places a small amount on a group of matches in order to increase the potential winnings by correctly predicting the final scoreline of each game they include.

The idea that it’s possible to win a large amount of money from a small investment is and attractive proposition, however it’s important to build the bet in a coherent fashion.

Here is where the 10bet Bet Calculator comes in. By using this new tool, the bettor can instantly see if they are happy with the elements they have included in the bet, or if they want to make adjustments, calculating each potential tweak quickly as they go along.

With over 16 years of experience in the field, 10bet offers a sports and casino site which covers over 60 sports, with their markets including a wide range of options for the sports bettor who always comes first.