Brainworks and Tactician Media announce their collaborative partnership aimed at driving revenue and maximizing ROI

Brainworks and Tactician Media announce their collaborative integration partnership aimed at bolstering Brainworks’ Multi-Channel Advertising Platform with innovative revenue generation programs and enhanced business intelligence infrastructure.

Central Islip, March 25, 2024: Brainworks, a leading provider of an end-to-end multi-channel advertising management platform and Tactician Media, a premier provider of business intelligence data and services, are pleased to announce a strategic integration partnership aimed at delivering enhanced business intelligence capabilities to their respective clients.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the quest to empower businesses with actionable insights, lead generation and streamlined customer relationship management (CRM) processes. By combining Stratica with Tactician Media’s critical business intelligence data and services, clients can expect a comprehensive solution that drives revenue and optimizes decision-making.

Key highlights of the integration partnership include:

1. Enhanced KPI Dashboards: Clients will gain access to advanced key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards, providing insights into their business performance. These dashboards will enable users to track metrics effectively and make informed decisions to drive growth.

2. Prospecting Inputs into Brainworks Stratica: Tactician Media’s prospecting inputs will seamlessly integrate into Brainworks Stratica, enriching client databases with valuable leads and enhancing the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.

“We are thrilled to announce our integration partnership with Tactician Media,” said Tim May, CEO of Brainworks. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to helping our clients reach wider audiences by achieving significant brand penetration and growth. With today’s competitive landscape and ever-evolving consumer behavior we’re confident that by leveraging Stratica next-gen technology and Tactician Media’s business intelligence expertise, our clients will have a distinct advantage in driving growth and maximizing ROI .”

Commenting on the partnership, Michael Lombardo, CEO of Tactician Media, stated, “At Tactician Media, we are dedicated to delivering actionable insights that enable businesses to drive revenue. Our integration with Brainworks represents a strategic alignment of our shared vision to empower clients with the tools they need to succeed. Together, we look forward to delivering unparalleled value to our clients and driving innovation in the industry.”

Clients are already benefitting from integration between the two companies and further development on tools and functions is ongoing.

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VP of Sales and Marketing
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Tactician Media
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