BRAG is the Solution to Instagram’s Over-Curation Problem

Designed for pure self-expression, BRAG users are encouraged to share as many photos as they wish without feeling inhibited by the pressure to curate a certain identity or keep posts to a minimum, a dilemma many users face with existing social networks.

“Social media makes it too easy to be someone else. BRAG introduces a user interface where you don’t need to worry about social media etiquette,” Amanda Nieto, BRAG’s CEO said. “We want you to share everything; be bold, be yourself.”

With a focus on fostering brand engagement and individual self-expression amongst users, the app enables users to showcase their style savvy pursuits by labeling their favorite brands in photos. BRAG highly encourages users to flaunt their lifestyle through brand advocacy.

Key features of BRAG include the following:

An optimized photo-friendly interface: BRAG’s ‘Home’ and ‘Popular’ pages have been specially designed to view a large number of photos at a time. Brags are displayed in a tiled carousel gallery where users can simply swipe across each row to browse photos.

Don’t feel constrained to using collage-generating apps: Upload as many photos as you want to your profile thanks to BRAG’s unlimited photo-sharing capability.

Flaunt your favorite brands: Show off your unique style by tagging your beloved clothing brands in your photos.

Explore a content-rich network: Allows for endless opportunities to share, engage, discover and curate content.

BRAG is now available for free in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices at

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About Brag Ventures Inc.

BRAG Ventures Inc. is passionate about self-expression and providing creative solutions to create a community where users embrace who they are both on and offline. BRAG is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.




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