BLS launches a contextual rewarding solution to optimise incremental subscriber behaviour


With the launch of the Interactive Provisioning Gateway from BLS, Marketing Departments can now enhance the process of delivering ‘real-time rewards’ to subscribers. Extending their rewarding capability, the solution enables the operator to use ‘up-to-the minute’ information about subscribers, before rewarding messages are sent. The ability to automate the process of contextual rewarding means that sophisticated offers can be configured to influence subscriber behaviour and improve customer loyalty and tenure. Tim Yates, CEO at BLS explains: “The capability to deliver personalised, relevant, real-time rewards in order to make customers feel valued is an invaluable weapon for optimising incremental subscriber behaviour. We’re delighted to be able to launch the Interactive Provisioning Gateway – it’s the ideal solution for CSPs that are looking to harness the power of interactive, contextual rewarding. The Interactive Provisioning Gateway gives Marketing Departments the capability to add complex rules, conditions, and checks into the decision logic of a campaign in order to precisely target rewarding messages and improve the Customer Experience through SMS interaction: The Interactive Provisioning Gateway also enables ‘real-time bundle rewarding’ across multiple provisioning interfaces in a single campaign, whilst reducing the cost of configuring the IN/Charging platform for low volume rewards that combine services from multiple buckets. Shaun Orpen, CMO for BLS shares his experiences: “Automatically combining up-to-the-minute customer information from across the network into the decision logic for a reward means that Marketers can deliver more contextual rewards and bundles through real-time, event driven execution. Now, they can configure real-time queries and actions directly from their desktops using the easy to use ‘drag-and-drop’ workflow builder. This solution significantly reduces manual processes and arduous scripting whilst empowering Marketing Departments to drive new streams of revenue. Business Logic Systems’ Interactive Provisioning Gateway is available as a managed service or as a fully deployed in-house solution. For more information on the features and benefits of the InTelestage™ Interactive Provisioning Gateway visit: NOTES: About Business Logic Systems: Since 1998, Business Logic Systems has been at the forefront of communications technology, delivering intelligent Data Management Technologies, Campaign & Loyalty Management Solutions, and Marketing Consultancy. The company’s world-class team of communications technology specialists has developed the most technically adept Campaign & Loyalty Management solutions on the market. Specifically designed to give Communications Service Providers a marketing edge, InTelestage™ enables marketers to build highly profitable relationships with customers by unlocking the value of real-time behavioural data across one or more converged communications services. Business Logic Systems is an international organisation head-quartered in the UK. About InTelestageTM: Fast to deploy, InTelestageTM consolidates millions of customer data records in real-time (and near realtime), enabling marketers to deliver contextual offers, automate two-way campaigns, and automate reward provisioning. Business Logic Systems’ ongoing research and development coupled with extensive experience in the industry guarantees scalable solutions that work alongside customers’ IT infrastructure to increase the value of their existing IT investments. Using InTelestageTM, CSPs can deliver on the promise of the converged offering, whilst driving down the total cost of marketing. A PDF of this release is available here. CONTACT INFORMATION Contact: Shaun Orpen, Chief Marketing Officer Phone: +44 (0) 1235 510427 Email: [email protected] ENDS