Blockchain start-up Tatum fights COVID-19 economic consequences


The project aims to help small businesses with the impact of COVID-19 economic consequences.

Restaurants, breweries, and gyms – as well as artisans, hairdressers, or ZOOs – are just a few examples of business activities that have been struck by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Blockchain start-up Tatum, in cooperation with Ceska sporitelna and Microsoft, therefore launched a project to support self-employed and small businesses to overcome this period.

“Save Your Business project primarily connects sole traders and their customers. It aims to help small businesses with a decrease in cash flow when they had to suspend their business because of quarantine. The project aims to enable people to buy vouchers from companies. People can redeem a voucher as soon as the business reopens,” said Jiri Kobelka, CEO of Tatum.

“It took a few days from the very idea to the realization of this project. Behind the project is the incredible enthusiasm and effort of all volunteers. I am delighted that we can participate in this project,” says Martin Medek, head of Open Banking at Ceska sporitelna. “The voucher is purchased simply by means of the Internet payment button payment from an account, which operates on a multi banking basis.”

The project has been built on Tatum, which is a platform for rapid enterprise blockchain applications development. “Today, it takes between one and two years to develop a blockchain app in an enterprise. With the Tatum platform, it’s a matter of days,” explains Jiri Kobelka.

Tatum profile:

Tatum’s mission is to simplify enterprise blockchain. Tatum platform is a development tool that makes all developers blockchain developers. With Tatum, any developer can develop enterprise-grade blockchain apps without any previous blockchain experience. The platform cuts down the development time from years to days and supports over 20 public and private blockchains. Tatum enables companies to innovate safely and quickly. Follow Tatum on LinkedIn to learn more about rapid blockchain app development.