Biofourmis Forms Alliance With Global Healthcare Company To Offer Digital Therapeutics For Patients With Heart Failure

HF is a life-threatening, progressive disease with debilitating symptoms and is the top global cause of hospitalizations for patients older than age 65. About 85% of hospitalized patients suffer from an acute HF event at least once, and 43% of patients are admitted at least four times. Recent data from the CHAMP-HF registry demonstrate that fewer than one in four HF patients with reduced ejection fraction are on Guideline Directed Medication Therapy (GDMT), and only 1% are receiving target doses of medications.

Enabling early intervention
The program’s initial phase, which kicks off this month, is expected to be rolled out across Southeast Asian countries for recently discharged HF patients, with plans to scale across multiple geographies. Patients will be onboarded in a 3-month program at the point of discharge and sent home with a wearable biosensor called Everion® and the patient-facing companion mobile app BiovitalsHF™ to enable patients to remotely monitor their physiology parameters, report their symptoms, manage their medications, and securely communicate with their care teams. The Biovitals™ Analytics Engine then processes the data captured from patients in real time, captures HF exacerbation in advance, and provides software-based therapeutic recommendations for clinicians and care teams to intervene early.

“The ultimate goal of this alliance is to work with Novartis to drive better patient-centric outcomes and arm providers across the globe with the right actionable information early enough to better manage their patients with heart failure,” said Kuldeep Singh Rajput, CEO and founder of Biofourmis. “We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to working with Novartis, an organization known to be a leader in providing better treatments for patients with heart failure.”

Biofourmis is also participating in digital therapeutics-focused HF research with the Yale University-Mayo Clinic Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI). BiovitalsHF™ will be leveraged in a study of patients with heart failure to monitor functional capacity and quality of life to see if greater emphasis should be placed on these measures in the drug approval process. The Yale-Mayo CERSI is a joint effort between Yale University, Mayo Clinic and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). CERSIs are collaborations between FDA and academic institutions to advance regulatory science through innovative research, training and scientific exchanges.

About Biofourmis
Biofourmis, a fast-growing global leader in digital therapeutics based in Boston, discovers, develops and delivers clinically validated software-based therapeutics to provide better outcomes for patients, advanced tools for clinicians to deliver personalized care, technology to demonstrate the value of and potentially complement pharmacotherapy, and cost-effective solutions for payers. Biofourmis has built Biovitals™, a highly sophisticated personalized AI-powered health analytics platform that predicts clinical exacerbation in advance before a critical event, which is the backbone of their digital therapeutics product pipeline across therapeutic areas including heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, COPD and chronic pain.

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