Bezeq deploys Heights Telecom world’s first fully EasyMeshTM compliant WLAN extenders, home Gateway controller

The Be Mesh EasyMesh compliant WLAN extender is designed to improve the in-home WLAN coverage and performance. Main features of the Be Mesh are:

  • Fast wireless speed: Dual-band WiFi radio, simultaneous 2.4GHz 2×2 802.11n and 5GHz 4×4 802.11ac  providing a combined throughput of 2100Mbps
  • Low latency for online Gamers and support 4K video streaming.
  • Auto-sensing mode: Be Mesh device can act as EasyMesh Controller, EasyMesh Slave, Access Point or Repeater
  • Any topology: Star and Daisy chain network topologies and dynamic backhaul selection WiFi and/or Ethernet
  • Wired connectivity: RJ45 Gbit Ethernet port for LAN/WAN connectivity
  • Remote Management: cloud backend for operational dashboard and remote control; Full TR69/181 supported
  • IoT: USB interface for support of an IoT Smart-Home dongle

The Be Mesh can be plugged directly into the wall socket or could be used together with the Be Mesh stand which allows the Be Mesh to be placed anywhere in the home.

The Be Mesh is making use of a single SSID. Via an advanced band-steering and client-steering algorithm, WLAN clients are automatically directed to the WLAN band offering the best performance.

To allow full management & control of entire home wireless network, the Be Mesh can be controlled via an intuitive app on an iOS or Android mobile phone. The same app is used to control the BE router. The app supports the following features: Plug & Play installation using a QR code or with ethernet connection, advanced speed test, initiation of guest network and parental control.

Via the integrated 2.4GHz and 5GHz WLAN transceivers, Bezeq’s BE router can be used as an EasyMesh controller in the EasyMesh WLAN network. As the BE router has been developed with the vision to add new services via a containerized SW platform and the EasyMesh controller SW is available in a container format, upgrading the BE router to support EasyMesh was simple and straightforward.

Keren Leizerovitch  Bezeq CMO commented, “As part of Bezeq FULL WIFI strategy in client home together with the BE Gateway, Bezeq is delivering a high quality, fast and stable internet coverage to entire user home devices connected and different applications such as streaming, music and gamers, Bezeq is announcing its new Be Mesh service, the next generation of WIFI experience with one WIFI network throughout the entire home with a simple setup and a friendly App to manage the home network.

It is considered an innovative and unique solution developed on the BE Gateway together with the Be Mesh units in which the BE gateway is acting as the MESH controller / Master and part of the MESH network, this eliminate the need of an additional designated MESH control and achieve the flexibility of having a real MESH network with only one Be Mesh unit as a starter kit and up to several Be Mesh extenders for larger homes .”

Gadi Malka, Heights-Telecom CEO, stated, “This was a huge challenge for Heights Telecom but at the same time it inspired our vision to be a leading innovative company especially when you are the world’s first to fully implement EasyMesh. EasyMesh is a great addition to the services already available on our containerized SW platform. The ERO1 Mesh extender can be used in combination with Heights Telecom Gateways or as standalone device supporting legacy Gateways.

During Q1 2020, we plan to make a Smart-Home and our MIR services available for deployment. MIR will be using AI machine learning to optimize the gateway and ERO1 EasyMesh extender performance by detecting and fixing abnormal behaviour and failures, in start of Q3 2020 we also plan to release Heights Telecom’s Full WIFI 6 Easy Mesh solution to our high speed customers”

About “Bezeq” The Israel Telecommunication Corp.

Bezeq is Israel’s leading telecommunications service provider. Established in 1984, the Company has led Israel into the new era of communications, based on the most advanced technologies and services. Bezeq and its subsidiaries offer the full range of communications services including domestic, international and cellular phone services; broadband Internet, cloud and digital services, and other data communications; satellite and Internet based multi-channel TV; and corporate networks.

For more information about Bezeq, please visit the corporate website at http://ir.bezeq.co.il.

About Heights-Telecom T ltd

Heights telecom is a CPE and home networking products manufacturer, creating software for operators using a containerized SW platform allowing to easily add services with best performance, user experience and connectivity. Possible services to be added to the containerized SW platform are: Cyber Security, Mesh Technology, Smart Home, Advance QOS, Smart WIFI and first in class MIR software (AI and Machine learning tool to improve overall router performance)

The company HQ based in Israel with branches in Netherlands and China 

For more information about Heights-Telecom, please visit the corporate website at heights-t.com.

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