Beplas raises the safety bar with the new Panolam range of FRP finishes for commercial and industrial buildings

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Although new to the UK market, Panolam FRP is widely used as a hygienic wall and ceiling covering in the USA, where it is widely used in public buildings where safety and good hygiene are of paramount importance.

The product has been proven to be more fire resistant than PVC, giving off significantly less smoke and with lower smoke toxicity.

Jay Moorhouse, Beplas Director, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Panolam Industries to help raise the bar for safety in public buildings in the UK.

FRP is a very versatile and great looking product that comes in a range of contemporary finishes and is used in the US by a growing number of trusted brands.

“It’s clearly ideal for use not only in restaurants and other places where food is prepared but also schools, care homes, hospitals and retail environments where a durable, hard wearing and hygienic surface is required, with the added benefit of a really impressive fire safety rating.”

He added: “We know for example of one major high street chain which is looking to replace traditional PVC based coverings from all of its UK stores over the next 5 years and replace it with FRP.

We’re confident others will want to follow that lead, particularly as FRP is now approved for use across Europe, and is the only hygienic cladding material in the UK to achieve B,S2,d0 to EN13501 certification.”

“Its other key features are that it is generally lighter than other cladding materials but extremely durable and we are able to recycle any waste materials if required.”

The Panolam FRP range of wall and ceiling coverings is available from Beplas, with extensive stocks held in the UK, meaning that the company can typically deliver within 48 hours.

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