BEI Precision Completes Encoder/Motor Assembly Delivery for VIIRS J4 Payload

“The delivery enables Raytheon to continue the buildout of this key instrument in the Joint Polar Satellite System, the nation’s next-generation, polar-orbiting operational environmental satellite system. VIIRS is changing the way we see Earth and its value goes well beyond weather prediction, providing vital data to diverse industries like agriculture, finance, transportation, insurance and energy,” said Ed Chung, Raytheon VIIRS Program Manager.

Mark Mirelez, President and CEO of BEI Precision said, “The delivery of the VIIRS Encoder/Motor Assembly for the J4 platform is a major FY19 milestone for BEI Precision and is an integral part of our long term plan to be the supplier of choice for optical encoder products.”

About BEI Precision

BEI Precision, a portfolio company of J.F. Lehman & Company is a leader in high-accuracy positioning sensor technologies, providing advanced design, manufacturing and testing for reliable and resilient products and systems. The Company’s core product lines, which are used primarily in mission-critical defense and space applications, include optical encoder-based positioning systems, scanners for situational awareness requirements and precision accelerometers.