Barr Group Brings Essential Embedded Systems Training Courses to Germany in October

Aimed at making engineers better able to create safer and more secure code, these public courses comprise a new two-day “Reliable Multithreaded Programming” course, a new one-day course on the “Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software,” and Barr Group’s popular two-day course on “Best Practices for Securing Embedded Systems.”

 “Based on the most recent results of our annual Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey, it has become clear that more safety and security need to be incorporated into software development techniques for embedded systems applications,” said Andrew Girson, Barr Group’s CEO.

“Without the integration of important safeguards into the development process, products based on embedded systems are more vulnerable to both software malfunction and hacking. As a result of these oversights, the risk of human injury is multiplying and both safety and security continue to be big industry challenges. By offering our embedded systems training courses in Munich, we hope to make hands-on training on industry best practices for robust software development more accessible to embedded software developers in Germany and other parts of Europe.”

To further broaden the awareness of essential techniques for developing safer and more secure code, Barr Group is offering the “Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software” course free of charge to attendees of either of the two-day courses.

The three courses to be presented in Munich are:

  • Reliable Multithreaded Programming
     (24–25 October 2016) –
  • Learn the necessary skills to implement multithreaded software (cooperative and preemptive multithreading compatible with any OS) in a reliable and safe manner.
  • Top 10 Ways to Design Safer Embedded Software
     (26 October 2016) –
  • Discover 10 practical, lightweight, and lesser-known techniques for minimizing the risk of injury or loss from firmware malfunction.
  • Best Practices for Securing Embedded Systems (27–28 October 2016) –Strengthen the skills needed for hardening embedded systems to eliminate vulnerabilities and detect the most common types of attacks.

Register now
Registration is open for Barr Group’s courses held at the Hotel Regent, Downtown City Center, 24–28 October in Munich. More information on dates and pricing is available on Barr Group’s training calendar at:

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