Ayurveda phytoactive ingredients – could they be of use against the coronavirus disease?

A new research collaboration network initiated and led by the Frankfurt Innovation Centre Biotechnology (FIZ) will analyse within the “Ayurgenomics” project whether Ayurveda phytoactive substances can support the human body against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. FIZ network partners are examining an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting Ayurveda product Shakti Drops for its effectiveness. The Ayurgenomics project overall aims to develop evidence-based guidelines to integrate Ayurveda principles and practices in modern medicine.

This specific collaborative project by FIZ Network Partners will investigate a Proprietary formulation of Sri Sri Tattva “Shakti Drops” for its ACE2: SARS-CoV-2 Spike interaction inhibitor capability and immune-boosting effects to evaluate its suitability for use against Covid-19 infections. The project is financed by Sri Sri Tattva Europe B.V. a subsidiary of Sri Sri Tattva India.

“We are very pleased to take initiative in this extraordinary research project and thus also to be able to make our contribution in the fight against the coronavirus,” explains Dr. Christian Garbe, Managing Director of the FIZ and continues, “this particular study aims to validate Ayurveda formulations with scientific studies. “Ayurveda has treasure of herbs and formulations to address one’s health in a holistic manner. There are several such formulations in Ayurveda which have potential anti-viral and immunity enhancing properties.” says Karthik Jeganathan, Director of Sri Sri Tattva Europe B.V.

The research team will focus on two indication areas: firstly, inhibition of viral entry and secondly immune-boosting effects. FIZ Network Partner GenXPro will examine the effects of a proprietary formulation of Sri Sri Tattva Shakti Drops’ on the T-cells, major players in the immune system. GenXPro uses its high-resolution gene expression profiling technique “MACE-Seq” to examine up to 35,000 different genes simultaneously,” describes Dr. Björn Rotter, Chief Scientific Officer of GenXPro. The network partners will thereby assess the impact of the candidate compounds on important biologic pathways in the T-cells.

The Ayurgenomics project, launched in October 2019, was part of the German Chancellor’s 2019 delegation trip to the German Indian governmental consultations. This special Covid-19 research cooperation bears fruit from which both sides can benefit – Ayurveda and precision medicine, India and Germany. FIZ initiates collaborations focusing on precision medicine and innovative healthcare solutions via its ‘German Genethics’ platform.

FIZ Frankfurt Innovation Centre Biotechnology

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Sri Sri Tattva Europe B.V.

Sri Sri Tattva, founded under the inspiration of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, comes with a goal of promoting health and wellness worldwide. A global conglomerate offering products and services in multiple categories of Ayurveda Medicines, Supplements, Food, Personal Care, Home Care and Hygiene, Incense and Fragrances.

Established by committed individuals with nearly four decades of experience, Sri Sri Tattva, comes with a 360-degree approach towards health and wellness including a College of Ayurveda Science and Research, a state of the art Hospital, inspired Doctors and Therapists, Panchakarma Wellness Centers, Spas and Clinics, Manufacturing facilities driven by technology and stringent control systems and widely growing national and international presence, the brand has a holistic approach to health and wellness. Sri Sri Tattva’s manufacturing facilities in India have earned some of the most prestigious certifications, such as, AYUSH Premium Mark (GMP based on WHO guidelines), ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, EU Organic and ANMAT GMP to name a few.

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