Axi Launches New Copy Trading App



  • Axi releases new copy trading app
  • Users can find top traders around the world and copy their trades
  • App makes it easier to discover new trading opportunities and develop trading skills


Created in partnership with Pelican Exchange, a specialist social copy trading technology provider based in the UK, the mobile app allows users to connect with a community of traders around the world, follow top traders and copy their trades online.


The app boasts a number of features designed to harness the power of the trading community and make it easier for traders to discover opportunities in the market and develop their trading ability.


Louis Cooper, Axi Chief Commercial Officer, says, “This app delivers a fantastic trading experience, making it extremely simple to find and follow the top performing traders most relevant to you and your trading objectives.


But, beyond that, it’s also a fantastic learning tool because after you’ve identified a trader to copy, you can go deeper with your analysis and explore the strategy behind their decisions. You also have the ability to customize individual settings – for example, position size – so that each trade better reflects your own strategy and approach to risk.”


To use the Axi app, traders simply download it then connect using their existing Axi MT4 trading account details, or open a new account within the app. Once logged in, they can view leaderboards, discover traders, view detailed performance statistics, customise trade and risk settings, copy trades and more.


In line with the company’s trusted reputation, the app has been designed to operate to the highest industry standards so traders can be assured they are trading in a safe, secure, and licensed environment. Other safety mechanisms to help manage risk – including warnings if you are approaching your predetermined level of risk, and multiple stop loss options – have also been built into the app.


Mr. Cooper further commented, “Our purpose is to give our clients the edge they need to succeed.


“With world-class tools like this we are helping empower our traders to improve their performance and help them become more confident in their own abilities. Having the ability to copy and learn directly from top traders makes this app a powerful new addition to our service.”


The copy trading functionality can be used across all types of asset class provided by Axi, including FX, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices and share CFDs.


The Axi copy trading app is available to download now on iOS and Android.


About Axi 


Axi is a global online FX and CFD trading company, trusted by 60,000+ ambitious customers in 100+ countries around the world. We help new traders, pro traders, trading businesses, banks and financial organizations find the edge they need to achieve their financial goals through informed transactions made on the world’s financial markets. Axi offers a wide range of assets including CFDs for several asset classes including Forex, Gold, Silver, Oil, Coffee, Cryptocurrencies, Share CFDs and more.


At Axi, we are proud of our reputation as an honest, fair, and trusted broker. Our many awards and ‘Excellent ‘reviews through Trustpilot prove we have earned the confidence of customers who value our outstanding service, fast execution, secure payments, segregated funds, and easy withdrawals. Moreover, we also work pro-actively with the leading regulatory governing authorities globally to ensure we exceed the highest standards in the industry.




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