Award-Winning TV Series Goombay Kids at the forefront of promoting climate solutions for children – ‘Let’s do it the Goombay Way!’


Creator of the series, Stephanie K. Nihon, who was named by Women’s Herald as one of the top ten inspiring women of 2024 to look out for, says, ‘The Goombay Kids are the perfect climate ambassadors. We are very vulnerable in The Bahamas and Caribbean to climate change and children are the future guardians of our planet. It is imperative they know the importance of protecting their environment.’

The Right Honorable Philip Davis, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, known for being a climate forward leader, stated at COP28, ‘The Bahamas is in the top ten countries most vulnerable to climate change. Time is a luxury we do not have.’ One of the main concerns for The Bahamas is to mitigate coastal erosion, a consequence that will lead to the disappearance of some Caribbean islands by the 2100s.

Goombay Kids is one of the only children’s shows in the world promoting climate solutions through its magical storytelling, environmentally friendly folklore-based characters and educational segments. The production highlights impactful topics such as ocean conservation, healthy ecosystems, sustainability and preserving biodiversity. Nihon adds that, ‘By understanding the causes and effects of climate change, children can develop a deeper appreciation for their environment and in turn empower them to take positive action and foster a sense of environmental responsibility and stewardship.’

Goombay Kids aims to partner further with NGO’s to encourage children to engage in discussions about innovative solutions to help cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious and proactive global citizens.

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