Asponte Technology partners with Dennis te Lintelo ICT to provide DX training to Europe



Asponte’s DX Training is a series of industry leading courses for companies that use the HCL DX platform. The Asponte instructor-led online courses are designed to educate non-technical business users, content authors, developers, and system administrators.


These classes detail how to use the platform to create basic static web content-based websites, plus advanced features that create interactive and dynamic websites.


Dennis te Lintelo will be teaching live virtual classes that will cover real-time scenario-based case studies and use cases. All of the instructors for the Asponte DX training have real-world experience working with the products they deliver training on. 


Technology is ever changing and development paradigms evolve rapidly, requiring developers to constantly learn new tools and methodologies. The skills that were acquired last year may be out of date this year. Exposing employees to new techniques in advanced technology will help to increase efficiency and productivity in the organization. Technical training is an important part of a well functioning IT workplace. Training improves skills and knowledge, builds confidence and improves efficiency.


“We at Asponte Technology are thrilled to announce this partnership with Dennis te Lintelo and are very excited to have him deliver our classes in Europe. Our classes have been well received in the United States and we know there is a gap in the European marketplace for instructor-led online courses that cover this material.” said Duffy Fron, Chief Commercial Officer of Asponte Technology, Inc.


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Asponte Technology is a US based technology services company, highly skilled in managing modern digital transformations and IT services, that helps companies deliver amazing Digital Experiences to their clients and employees. Their experience working with Fortune 1000 companies has made them a top choice for technology services and development to help companies solve complex problems, speed time to market, and improve engagement with a lower total cost of ownership.


Dennis te Lintelo ICT is an IT-specialist with over 20 years of experience in the IT field ranging from development to digital solution architecture and project development. Dennis is a known expert in the DX platform and has been involved on numerous portal projects.


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