Aspen Laser Receives Award from Global Health & Pharma

Aspen Laser was recognized as the “Best Laser Therapy Provider” in the 2019 International Life Sciences Awards category of Global Health & Pharma. The International Life Sciences Awards recognize visionary firms and individuals for harnessing disruptive ideas, which will drive the healthcare industry forward. Noninvasive laser therapy treatments provided by Aspen Laser Systems are emerging as a safe and effective alternative to narcotics and other drugs by providing light energy into diseased or injured soft tissues, stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself without side effects.

“Since our company began, our focus has been on developing leading-edge technology in laser therapy,” said Charles Vorwaller, CEO of Aspen Laser. “This award is a recognition of our relentless focus to obtain the best and most consistent clinical outcomes in pain relief and therapy. Our medical lasers represent a number of technological developments including: ‘High Intensity Laser Therapy’ and ‘True Dual Wavelength,’ resulting in exciting new treatment options providing higher dosages, more treatment areas and overall faster treatment times.”

According to Justin Vorwaller, MBA, COO of Aspen Laser, “The mission of Aspen Laser Systems is to ‘change lives and improve practices,’ by providing every healthcare practice with our technology and products. We are redefining pain management and recovery that is making a difference in the lives of individuals. Our Aspen Laser doctors are seeing excellent results with their patients, and even some that have resisted all previous methods of treatments. In addition to our products, we provide each practice the best marketing and educational resources available to ensure their overall success.”

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