Armadillo celebrates 25 years on the Web!



Launched in 1997 and unlike others of the time; not just a website, Armadillo was the first company to sell online corporate data and onboarding compliance information as a system through the then fledgling World Wide Web!


Amongst many trail blazing firsts, they were also the first Mobile App of corporate data in June 2011. Launched in February 2019 their multilingual, digital and truly Global document ordering system for due diligence and onboarding was also a first, that’s the supply of documents on any company in the world. More recently in 2021 they added to their suite of services, Armadillo Dig Deeper (ADD System) a simple to use worldwide service that checks individuals and companies for Sanctions, political exposure (PEPs) or Adverse Media with full automated monitoring.


What sets Armadillo apart


Being innovative and ahead of the curve when it comes to technology is what sets Armadillo apart. This innovation is recognised by the industry with Armadillo recently being featured in the top 12 for 2021 & 2022 of the Global RegTech100 – the most innovative Regtech companies in the world – as well as the Global Top 45 Regtech Buyer’s Guide. Their multilingual digital worldwide document supply system is carried and white labelled by several channel partners. Today, Armadillo gives access to information on 500 million companies, 1 billion businesses and 5 billion individuals worldwide, with original  documents from 1000 registries in 220 countries.


Armadillo has three regulated businesses in its group of companies plus its own SRA-regulated UK law firm, and a worldwide professional network that has been built up over many years, giving clients unparalleled access to proven sources. Unlike other companies in the industry, Armadillo never scrapes data, ensuring the highest quality of integrity for their clients. 


Founder and CEO Manny Cohen “When we first launched Armadillo and took the system to market, prospects and clients said to our horror ‘ Internet! Too slow, no security, we’ll never use it, it will never catch on!’ – Now it runs our lives. Innovation is part of our DNA and I have to say… I get a kick out of being the first. It hasn’t stopped either. I love to hear clients going WOW when they use our products!” 


Working with Armadillo


Armadillo provides an easy to sign up and easy to use system for instant online reports for on-boarding as well as enhanced Due diligence data and links expanding to specialist investigations for Deep Dive EDD. Everything is Global and follows their mantra “From anywhere, to anywhere, anytime”.


Armadillo also has a specialist compliance unit that works with clients to either develop or run their on-boarding processes. 


Everything is built for ease of use and Armadillo is continuing to add new products. Coming soon, biometric ID verification! 


About the Founder and CEO 


Emmanuel Cohen, better known as Manny, is the CEO and Founder of The Armadillo Group of companies. 


Manny is a serial entrepreneur and expert in tech solutions, corporate information, on-boarding and regulatory compliance solutions, KYC, due diligence, money laundering regulations, credit data, corporate law, company secretarial, corporate administration, IP and brand protection. He regularly speaks on these topics at worldwide conferences, including the Global RegTech Summit 2020/21/22 as well as AML and FinCrime, where he spoke on “The need for automated KYC & DD” and “RegTech: The Golden Source.” He regularly writes as a thought leader for online publications such as Retail Banker International, Private Banker International where he was also featured on a personal profile. He also enjoys joining in and being interviewed for podcasts from notable publications such as CityAM. 


“Constantly creating and innovating gives us an energetic start-up style atmosphere, whilst our longevity has meant we have the brand stability to attract clients such as global banks, major audit, consultancy and law firms as well as blue chip channel partners. Our main aim is to assist  our regulated clients pass inspections, avoid prosecution and fines and the great plus is that we help them prevent crime.


I’m really proud of my team, we have a few staff who were around when we started. Not many tech or data companies can claim that kind of loyalty and it would be interesting to find out how many other companies have been around selling live products on the web as long as us! That said, I’m looking forward to carrying on the innovation with our new Armadillo HUB platform which is the next step tech leap in Regtech. So, watch this space!!”



Contact Name: Cassie Foster
Title: Manager
Phone number: 014624 427 300
E-mail: [email protected]


About Armadillo:  


For over a quarter of a century, Armadillo has been developing one of the most comprehensive RegTech & compliance platforms in the world for the purposes of KYC and due diligence. The Armadillo Hub is a scalable, cloud-based, end-to-end automated RegTech platform, giving global regulated businesses the tools to conduct the appropriate background checks on corporate and private clients.


The network of information Armadillo has created includes data on 500 million companies, 1 billion businesses and 5 billion individuals worldwide, sourcing information from 1000 local registries across 220 countries. It is the most thorough KYC, due diligence and compliance solution that exists for the regulated financial and professional services businesses. The strength of Armadillo’s expertise has been recognised by positions in the RegTech Analyst ‘Global RegTech 100’ for 2021 and 2022 and as one of Insight Success ‘Top10 RegTech Business.’


Launched on 3rd June 1997 by Emmanuel “Manny” Cohen, Armadillo provides a world-class service to its clients, ensuring that they remain compliant with the best practice around client onboarding and inspections.




Armadillo Leadership team: 


Founder & Co-CEO:
Manny Cohen

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