Armadillo awarded a place on the Global RegTech100 listing for fourth year running and launches p-KYC, a revolutionary new RegTech product, to celebrate!

Industry leader, founder & CEO of Armadillo Emmanuel Cohen, who is also interviewed and discusses AI in Regtech, says, “We’re again really honoured to have been included in the Global Regtech100 for the fourth year in a row. It’s great to be recognised by our peers and again be part of an exclusive global club of innovators. It’s also having the Armadillo team recognised for their creativity and development, not to forget the constant commitment and hard work it takes.”

Armadillo is expert in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI Analytics in the use of Tech for on-boarding compliance, which, together with the Armadillo Universe of access to information and documents for due diligence on 500 million companies, 5 billion individuals & 1 billion businesses puts Armadillo one step ahead of its competitors. 

On top of winning its place for innovation, Armadillo is also announcing the launch of its ground-breaking and global Perpetual KYC service for corporate compliance information. The p-KYC system will constantly monitor changes in business principles and other information, as well as ownership and UBO. This service is worldwide and part of Armadillo’s strategy to be the Golden Source of Regtech. 

Users will ultimately be able to upload their whole portfolio of clients, both corporate and individual, into the system for monitoring of changes in data or status.

The Armadillo Universe will continue to develop in 2024 as further phases of the Perpetual KYC system are launched. Running through its advanced industry leading HUB tech platform, this will be a true revolution for compliance. 

Armadillo systems enable the provision of global company compliance reports and original registry documents; Sanctions, PEPs and adverse media checks with connection trees on both businesses and individuals, as well as ID verification for AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Know Your Customer (KYC), Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).

Full corporate information as well as accounting data, details of filings and events. Automated constant monitoring of 500 million companies, 1 billion businesses and 5 billion individuals worldwide for changes throughout the year. Changes in Officers, Owners, UBO, Sanctions and more.

Mr. Cohen added, “We will continue to enhance our innovation in 2024 and the coming years, so watch out for The Armadillo!!”

Launched in 1997, Armadillo was the first online corporate database on the web. The first application on mobile for company information in 2011 and the first to launch a truly global Regtech ‘original corporate document’ system in 2018. With many firsts in between, Armadillo builds innovative solutions for the regulated industry. It is carried by various channel partners as well as white-labelled by some. Originally started in Shoreditch, London, the company is now Headquartered in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.  The company, its systems, and its teams provide Due Diligence, Enhanced Due Diligence and monitoring for KYC and regulatory requirements under such regulations as 6AMLD. 

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