ARB Launches New Zero Fridge Freezer


The Zero Fridge Freezer now comes in four sizes including two dual-zone models. The 47Qt and 63Qt will keep food fresh and drinks cold. The 73Qt and 101Qt, well sized for your camper or trailer, have the dual zone function so you can have frozen and fresh food for your entire trip.

In the 63Qt, 73Qt, and 101qt, the quick-release reversible lid can be swapped for left or right side opening to suit the configuration of your vehicle or camper, while the 47Qt has a traditional front-opening lid. All models feature front and rear 12-volt inlets offering further versatility for set-ups and extra convenience when pre-chilling at home or connecting to main power at a campground. All fridges also feature a 110-volt inlet at the front and a handy USB outlet to charge your devices.

In the dual-zone models, both compartments of the Zero Fridge Freezer are independently controlled via the panel on the front of the unit. All four models have a boost function for rapid cool-down and anti-condensation technology to keep contents dry and at the temperature you need. All models can be wirelessly controlled via the app on compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For all your cooling and traveling needs, make sure you have the Zero Fridge Freezer along for the trip.

The 47Qt will retail from $1,032.00 and the 63Qt from $1,210.00.

In the dual-zone models, the 73Qt will retail from $1,426.00 and the 101Qt from $1,585.00.

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