Aqua-Yield to Showcase How Less Really can be More in Modern Agriculture

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing sector, with more and more stakeholders from throughout the agricultural supply-chain increasing their engagement with the field. What is driving this is not only being able to control practices and farming variables on the ‘nano’-scale, but also the promise of improved operational efficiencies and effectivity through innovative technological solutions.

“Farming is at a pivotal moment and the digitalization of agriculture will play an increasingly important role for the industry moving forward.” Clark T. Bell, CEO of Aqua-Yield®, commented on the current trends of the industry. “At Aqua-Yield, we are consistently proving that ‘more is less’; as we discover additional and ground-breaking ways to utilize our nanotechnologies to increase crop yields and enhance overall crop quality. Our largest focus is shifting to the smallest of technologies — nanotechnology – to fortify crops and supply the fertilizer of the future.”

Aqua-Yield® has developed a nano-fertilizers solution that delivers components straight to the plant’s cells, leading to a much higher overall efficiency. In doing so, they are enabling huge benefits for growers: increased crop yield, decreased cost inputs, less environmental impact, shorter crop cycles and more.

To help support engagement with their solution across the entire US agricultural supply-chain, Aqua-Yield® will be participating in Agriculture 4.0, an interoperability workshop to be hosted by Challenge Advisory in October 2018 in San Francisco. This has been designed around collaboration and digitization, bringing stakeholders from throughout agriculture together to create unprecedented and beneficial working partnerships. Partners of Agriculture 4.0 will tackle some of the most pressing issues for the American supply-chain, with the hope of developing industry revolutionizing solutions.

Karveh Cavalieri, Managing Partner at Challenge Advisory, spoke on the partnership “Agriculture 4.0 will be a platform for innovators to present their solutions to critical challenges in the agricultural sector. Aqua-Yield® provides a technological resolution to the age-old dilemma of producing more with less – a necessity in today’s world. Their input at Agriculture 4.0 will be of interest to many workshop stakeholders.”

Challenge Advisory are pleased to be able to announce this partnership and the inclusion of Aqua-Yield® in an ever-growing list of global disruptors and innovators who will be adding their voices to Agriculture 4.0.

To read more about the event, click here, and to find out how you can be a part of this industry defining event, please email: [email protected]