Another Monday and Cognigy enter into strategic technology partnership

Another Monday, the leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the German-speaking region and Cognigy, the world’s leading provider of Conversational AI, today announced their strategic partnership.

The requirements for constant accessibility and the associated speed have risen rapidly in recent years as a result of digitalisation and changes in customer behaviour. An increasingly popular technology in communicating with customers are chatbots. Enterprises are using this technology as a new, informative communication channel alongside telephony, email and live chat for direct customer service to deliver immediate, automated answers to routine customer questions.

RPA is another automation technology that companies use to improve customer service. However, there is a significant difference between these two. RPA bots automate repetitive tasks in such different areas as accounting, finance, human resources and IT. Users save time by automating hundreds of clicks to repeat a single task, such as processing claims or filling out forms. A Conversational Bot in the form of a chatbot or language assistant orchestrates all necessary tasks within a workflow based on transactions and communicates them via a chatbot user interface. In addition to substantial time savings, a new user interface offers the end user a new user experience, which leads to higher customer satisfaction thanks to the information goal guidance.

Because RPA bots act just like a human employee via the user interface, the combination of both technologies makes it very easy to help with complex and unique customer problems. The chatbots cause the RPA bot to perform certain tasks as requested by the customer. The RPA bot, which is already integrated into various backend applications and databases, can quickly retrieve the information requested by the chatbot and respond immediately to the customer’s questions or demands. This internal process is lightning fast, so that the challenge is solved quickly and efficiently. In conclusion, the integration of chatbots with RPA bots is essential. These two combined forces provide a seamless customer service experience and create the Modern Chatbot.

“Fast interactions with the customer are playing an increasingly important role in our digital world. By working with Cognigy, Another Monday is taking another important step in creating a partner ecosystem to enable increasingly efficient delivery of RPA to businesses. To offer our customers the best possible platform, we are now looking forward to working closely with Cognigy, whose chatbots offer an opportunity to successfully deploy “digital employees” and thus significantly shorten response times to customer enquiries,” explains Hans Martens, CEO and founder of Another Monday.

“We are particularly pleased to welcome a visionary of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA Software 2019 in our Technology Partner portfolio. With one of the largest bot farms globally and an RPA architecture “made in Germany”, Another Monday have established tehmselves as RPA experts. Linking two key automation platforms – RPA and Conversational Process Automation – leads to even greater cost savings through effective transactions of two coordinated bot functions, RPA bots and chatbots,” said Sascha Poggemann, co-founder and COO at Cognigy.


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