Anjool’s Trust announces 2014 Award Winners


Each Award is professionally judged along pre-agreed criteria and carries prize money to help the beneficiary to advance their interests and ambitions. Running since 2010, the Awards’ key purpose is to recognise, inspire and celebrate graduate talent. 5 July 2014 marks Jools’ 5th Anniversary.

The Scholarship & Citizenship Award went to Karen Pollard (from Lockerbie), Sami Ibrahim (from Barnes, London), Rob Krawczyk (from Putney) and Navjeev Singh (from Singapore). Upon graduating last year with a first class in Maths, one of the 2011 inaugural winners, Nathan Turner, wrote to the Trustees: “The award was a true highlight of my experience at St Peter’s”. St Peter’s College, Oxford was Anjool’s alma mater and hosts these awards funded by the Trust and an Endowment held in Jools’ name.

Commenting on the Awards, Kate Longworth, the Development Manager, said: “They have really quickly established themselves as one of the greatest student awards, honouring as they do people whose contribution and example is genuinely appreciated by all in this warm and mutually supportive community.” (Photo 1)

The Jools Fellowship for enterprise and innovation was awarded to the very impressive young man James Saward-Anderson from Portsmouth. Co-hosted by the award winning start-up company Enternships, the award has been running for four years and often marks a turning point for the beneficiary. Last year’s winner Ella Risbridger issued the following statement of the Award’s impact: “It meant the world to me. It changed my life, it gave me a job I loved, with people I loved, which gave me the skills and experience to move forward in an incredibly competitive market”.

James impressed the judges for his can-do enterprising spirit and a deep social conscience that especially stood out for one so young. He reacted to the news of his success with: “I am passionate about start-ups and SMEs as they are places where I feel that graduates can have more of an impact on the work they do within a business. The AMMT Fellowship gives an amazing opportunity for me to gain some invaluable experience working alongside Rajeeb Dey and the team at”. (Saward-Anderson photo)

Journalism Awards were won by India Miller (from Birmingham, for her article in Cherwell) and Ben Goldstein (from London, for his article in The Oxford Student). India Miller intends to use her Award as a travel scholarship and issued the following appreciation: “These Awards are a brilliant way to celebrate achievement”. (India Miller photo, Ben Goldstein photo). (Article links and India Miller’s College tribute in Editor’s Notes).

The Music Award in the form of the Jazz Prize hosted by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama went to the very worthy winner Will Glaser from Southwell. The Judges were especially impressed with his final year performance that excelled across the criteria of communication, musical awareness, instrument control and improvisation. Last year’s winner Daniel Harding Israelsen is pursuing a successful career in London as performer and trainer. (Will Glaser Photo).

2014 marks the launch of the Photography Award, special in two ways. Jools was a keen amateur photographer himself and the portfolio of the Awards in his name has so far lacked a local connection with Cleveland where he grew up. The Trust is especially pleased to launch this new Award in association with the Stockton Council’s Art Development Service and the renowned local art college the Cleveland College of Art & Design. Warm congratulations go to the inaugural winners Michelle McDonald (from Middlesbrough, for Photography) and Mathew Skelton (from Brotton, East Cleveland, for Commercial Photography).

Welcoming the new Award, Jamie Macdonald (College Programme Leader) issued the following statement: “The Awards are a fitting means to recognise and foster creative talent, not only are the two winners deserving beneficiaries but the award is already having wider effect, with the students in the year below getting excited at the prospect of its impact”. Speaking on behalf of the co-hosts of the Award, Stockton Arts Development, Rachel Willis said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Photography Award, there are so many creative and talented young people graduating locally each year and this type of award is a great way to give a helping hand as they begin their careers”. (Portfolio sample photo Michelle McDonald, portfolio sample photo Mathew Skelton)

Angela Tetradis, the Trust’s Treasurer, issued the following statement: “It gives us particular pleasure, on Anjool’s 5th Anniversary, to welcome a new crop of exciting talent as these very worthy winners for 2014 are. We are equally pleased to see so many previous beneficiaries continuing to thrive and excel. Our special thanks go to Rachel Willis of Stockton Council and Eyv Hardwick of the Cleveland College of Art & Design for their invaluable support in creating a new and exciting important award in Photography. We congratulate all the worthy winners and thank all our supporters, co-hosts and judges without whose help and involvement the work of the Trust would not be possible”.

Notes to Editors:

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• The Anjool Maldé Memorial Trust is a registered charity (no. 1146744)

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