ANIL UZUN Talks About Neo-Banking: Banking For Couples/Parents



Last month a couples banking app landed $1.5 million in seed capital. A brand-new banking challenger offered couples joint cards and the idea got attention from Chime, Square, PayPal, Venmo, Google, Facebook and Weight Watchers. Another interesting point about that kind of neo-banking apps is its investors. More than half of the investors are women or people of colour. 


“The couples or parenting banking consists of services to oversee the bank accounts. They are designed to sit on top of them. The customers do not have to move their assets to another account to get a couples banking. That is what the investors are interested couples/parenting banking and alikes.” ANIL UZUN says.  


“In couples banking the partners can handle holiday spendings, large purchases and mortgage jointly, and adults who want to start saving and investing for their children’s futures can resort to banking challengers as well. The challengers just want the customers to deposit their money from various bank accounts to their operational bank accounts.”he continues.   


“The only challenge that the neo-banking systems face is the interchange fees.” says ANIL UZUN. The primary bank accounts that the users are currently charging them fees when they want to move their money around. “In the future, there will be tax roll outs for neo-banking,  there will be agreements for products between the banks and the challengers.” he continues. 




ANIL UZUN is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based in London. He has been appointed as the new Republic of Vanuatu Trade Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to support ventures and his companies invest in emerging technologies in trading, payments, and many other internet-based services.