ANIL UZUN Talks about the Importance of Socially Conscious Fintech



ANIL UZUN is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in information technology, product development, and innovation in the Fintech sector. As a venturer himself, ANIL UZUN will talk about his aspiration to go socially conscious and the need for going green in the Fintech Sector. 


More neobanks declare they are going socially conscious, focusing on going green. The companies have the moral duty to help customers to save the planet as they offer banking services to them. Especially banks offering investment products can easily deter their customers from keeping their deposits out of environmentally damaging papers. 


ANIL UZUN says, “Fintech companies giving planet scores to their customers are encouraging them to consume with conscience, some others plant trees on behalf of their customers. This is at least what they can do to fight against the climate change that is threatening the people’s and the planet’s future. Fintech companies helping the people and themselves to build a sustainable future will be the pioneers in the sector by engaging with their customers. Encouraging the sector to switch to sustainability must be the central role in the fintech sector.” 


The talk will be live-streamed on YouTube on September 3, Friday at 07.00 pm CET via the given link on the blog.




ANIL UZUN is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based in London. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to support ventures, and his companies invest in emerging technologies in trading, payments, and many other internet-based services. His door is always open to people who have integrity, openness, and a collaborative mindset.