ANIL UZUN commentates on Best Countries for Digital Nomads



ANIL UZUN is a foresighted entrepreneur with a myriad of years of insight in financial technology, innovation, medical development, and cutting-edge technology enterprises. He is not only a venturer but also someone with a high intuition of what is about to penetrate the field soon. ANIL UZUN will talk about the top destinations for digital nomads while evaluating the pluses and minuses of the aspects of needs. 


ANIL UZUN says, “The modern world expects much more than what it is supposed to have. Since there are no borders lined with grave restrictions anymore, most white-collars are chasing the chance of liberating themselves from the office and keep on working remotely from other destinations rather than being stuck. Named digital nomads, they have an obtuse perspective on what’s new and achievable. Considering them as a kind of expats or permanent tourists with incoming money, governments do not complain either. This is a new way of working, a new way of shifting passion with profession.” 




ANIL UZUN is a business magnate and a successful investor based in London. His high experience in the Fintech market gives him the unique vision and wisdom to step forward among the others. His enterprises and game-changer establishments are pioneers in recent technologies regarding payment services, trading, and several other internet-based facilities. He appreciates colleagues and joint ventures with a broad mind, honest mindset, and master of their domain.