AngelFunder sees Angel & HNW Network grow to over 400,000 worldwide

AngelFunder provides fast-growing early-stage startup companies who are looking to raise capital with a state of the art platform to showcase their business to Angel & HNW investors worldwide. With over 400,000 investors registered across the USA, UK, Europe and around the world, AngelFunder is the ideal platform for Entrepreneurs and startups to kick-start their funding rounds.

“The long-term success of innovative early-stage companies depends on the support they receive from Angels and HNW investors at the beginning of their growth journey, and our offering gives those companies a platform to get their pitch deck in front of some of the most prominent investors in their chosen country or around the world,” says Mark Richardson – Development Director at AngelFunder.

Entrepreneurs seeking funding can submit their pitch deck and key details on the AngelFunder platform which will then create their own unique founder area. Upon selecting the most suitable package, the opportunity will then be listed on the platform and then distributed to AngelFunder’s vast investor network.


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