Amor Fati, the exhibition of the artist Joaquín Restrepo begins its journey in Europe



The sculptor and visual artist Joaquín Restrepo created his project Amor Fati during quarantine, where he merges art with technology. This exhibition includes sketches of his new works within a virtual world that generates an immersive experience for the viewer, which can be accessed through the mobile application designed for iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Android.


“It is a hint of what is coming for 2021, there are still restrictions on international flights that prevent exhibiting the work in person, however, technology is a tool with infinite possibilities, which this pandemic has taught us. So, showing the sketches of my sculptures is an invitation to see the final works next year in Europe”, says Joaquín Restrepo.


Amor Fati is a journey within a design on the Unreal platform, which is nurtured by the works of Restrepo, the music of Diana Ángel, poems by Edgar Allan Poe and Federico García Lorca, as well as texts by Virginia Woolf, Susan Sontag, and Edward Gorey. The exhibition is an invitation to seek freedom from each one of us, to face and grow in the process. It is based on the Latin phrase used by Nietzsche “Amor Fati” or “Love of Destiny”, close to the Jewish expression “Gam Zu Letovah” – This is for the better -.


“Perhaps it is the precise moment to learn that true freedom is within us just after defeating our own demons”, says Restrepo.


Joaquín Restrepo, from a young age, grew up with the interest of blending art and technology, two of his great passions, as a way to explore a new world. Now, it is from the present that he communicates with a universal language which does not distinguish the location, the language, or the culture of the visitor. This interest may be based on the youth and haste with which he began his artistic career. He was born in 1984, at the age of 19 he was invited to participate in a collective exhibition with great artists of his country, from then on, Joaquín has travelled with his works to China, Mexico and the United States.


Throught the artist’s official website https://joaquinrestrepo.com, you can find the instructions to download, and live the full experience of Amor Fati.


Information about the exhibition:


  • App Stores:

AppStore for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad): https://bit.ly/AmorFati_Appstore


GooglePlay Store for Android devices: https://bit.ly/GPlay_AmorFati



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