AML Global Eclipse LLC to purchase the Eclipse Aircraft project


AML Global Eclipse LLC, a US company backed by Christopher Harborne a British businessman, technology investor and pilot, has reached agreement with One Aviation Corporation, the Albuquerque, New Mexico based aircraft manufacturer in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, to purchase the assets of Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. and the Eclipse Aircraft project.


In a statement Christopher Harborne said: “In these extraordinary and challenging times we saw the need to act decisively to protect and keep together the essential aspects of the Eclipse Aircraft project: the intellectual property, human capital and supplier network. The alternative would have been a Chapter 7 liquidation which would have been catastrophic for the project, the workforce and the existing fleet. Whilst it is not yet clear what the future prospects for the Eclipse project might be, if our agreement is approved by the Bankruptcy court, we look forward to working actively with all relevant parties to find a viable way forward. We welcome contact from any and all furloughed or former employees, suppliers, service providers and Eclipse aircraft owners and to discussing how we can build a successful future together.”


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