American TV Crew Films Documentary about Chinese Teaching in Taiwan

Dave Mussen, the producer of the film said, “We’re here to learn about Taiwan and we’re also following the group of teachers that is here from California school districts to learn about the culture, the different aspects of Taiwan and how to integrate those aspects into the classroom and teaching traditional Mandarin.”

Currently, a total of 16 teachers from Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Southern California (CLTA-SC), are participating the summer workshop at the Language Center (CLC), NCKU.

Jorge Briseno, Instructional TV Director of KLCS, said, “we’d like to show the story of the teachers who are coming here to experience the culture and the language, get a deeper appreciation, so then they can take it back to the students in the United States.”

Jorge Suarez said, “For me as a director, with the tour we have, the team we have, and with the story, we’re trying to tell is to keep it incredibly honest.”

He also said, “We’re not here to change perception or anything, we just want to show the true real beauty and I think that’s what we’ve been seeing.”

“And I can tell that people here care greatly about their culture and background, their traditions and customs,” said Suarez who is first time to Taiwan adding, “It’s an honor to come here experiencing that.”

The crew has an interview section with NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su on the morning of August 3. She talked about the summer workshop saying, “It’s a capacity building program that better facilitating improvement of either technology or pedagogy in the area of teaching Chinese.”

“We have long standing reputation for having very unique and outstanding language center that over the years which have provided continuous programs for people from various backgrounds to study the language,” Su added.

We’re shooting it for two weeks in Taiwan from August 1 to 14, according to Mussen, and the film will be on air sometime before the end of the year.


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