Airionex Expands Executive Team to Support Historic Growth in Demand



Françoise brings over 15 years of sales and marketing leadership experience to Airionex, growing and leading high-performance sales teams and channels in the energy sectors. She brings a unique balance of proven revenue generation capabilities, established customer relationships, and industry expertise. Françoise joins Airionex at a pivotal juncture, just as demand for clean-air technologies has rapidly increased due to the global pandemic. 


“Fran’s sales acumen, industry connections, market expertise, and passion fit perfectly with the Airionex mission to excel in helping customers combat air quality issues, and mitigating the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne pathogens inside buildings,” said CEO Jukka Matikka. “The demand for bi-polar ionization is rapidly expanding and building our leadership team will allow Airionex to widen its competitive advantage in air quality technology.” 


“All building envelopes are in need of active air purification technology, and I am confident that proven Airionex systems will greatly mitigate current and future pathogens at schools, hospitals, office buildings, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, and provide employees and patrons a greater peace of mind,” said Senior Vice President Françoise Parker. “I am eager to lead the North American market with our bi-polar ionization technology, and to help educate various sectors on its proven efficacy.”


Airionex, LLC, is the exclusive North American distributor of Varionix GmbH, a Swiss manufacturer of ACTIVE air and surface purification systems, based on proven proprietary Varionix® bi-polar ionization technology, dielectric barrier discharge Bentax® and Varionix® bi-polar ionization tube systems. Over 45,000 Varionix ® systems have been installed globally since the company’s inception in 2008. 


Varionix® systems are installed as part of the HVAC systems or as a stand-alone unit, and create electrically charged positive and negative cluster ions. The Varionix technology form positively and negatively charged cluster ions that destroy the surface structure of microbes and pathogens actively in the air and on surfaces at the source; the systems remove odors, volatile organic and chemical compounds, dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi spores, and have a proven efficacy of over 99.99% coronavirus removal. 



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