Air Crash Deaths Create Horror But Unique British Business Booms

We’ve all seen photographs of the mourning relatives and of the carnage and destruction. This recent spate of incidents has quite naturally left its mark and especially so for the large numbers of people who are now terrified of flying. Being terrified to fly is a nightmare when a holiday abroad is already booked.

It’s thought that about a quarter of the population have a fear of flying and the recent disasters have certainly added fuel to the fear of flying. Coverage of multiple air disasters is definitely bad news for airlines and also bad news for the package holiday industry.

For one UK entrepreneur though, this climate of fear and anxiety is actually helping his business to grow.

Tim Phizackerley is a one of a kind British “fear expert”. He has a totally unique slant on the subject of aero-phobia (fear of flying). This is because he sells a very rapid self help treatment designed to cure the fear.

“I’ve seen sales of my self help system grow very significantly over the last month or so” he said.

His self help method, is currently featured on the Fear of Flying information offered by several major airports in the UK.

Fearful flyers who visit the official websites of Manchester, Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth airports will find his quick and easy method being suggested as a fast and affordable alternative to traditional and expensive fear of flying courses.

Tim created the self help system as a fast and easy cure for fearful flyers some time ago. More recently he teamed up with a psychologist called Peter Owen in order to help nervous flyers across the world get access.

Tim, who created the method said: “Fear of flying has many aspects and is extremely common for that reason. It’s thought that around 25 percent of the population are fearful of flying. The recent air disasters have been horrific and they’ve definitely left more people feeling fearful.”

He continues: “People are afraid of so many different things connected with flying. For one person it might be turbulence that they fear. For another it might be the takeoff or landing. Other people don’t like enclosed spaces, and so on. Some people are just terrified by what they’ve seen in the news recently. Everyone is different. For a cure to be genuinely effective it has to work on all those fears and many more.

“My system is unique because it contains a ‘fear eraser’ technology. This is designed to remove all the possible aspects of the fear, and also to do this in a matter of minutes. Because you can download it to a computer or tablet you can even use it in the airport, or on the aeroplane itself. Despite recent events, flying remains much safer than car travel. The ‘fear eraser’ is there to help people fly and feel calm.”

“Initially we met some resistance because a treatment which works this quickly seems unlikely to many people. But after letting them try it for themselves, a number of major airports are now suggesting it to flyers who want help, and more airports look set to follow.”

You can watch a video demonstration of the method being used on the website:

It’s also available via the official websites for Manchester Airport, Stansted Airport, East Midlands Airport and Bournemouth Airport.