AEP Networks Launches Series A8500 Secure Application Access

It is a significant redesign of the existing product, boasting leading client side security (Client Integrity and Integrated Authentication Server), enhanced application delivery (especially in heterogeneous environments), powerful scalability, as well as a Virtual Appliance version to support use in cloud computing and virtualized environments.

Paul Spencer, General Manager, Secure Application Access at AEP Networks, comments, “Enterprises are more inclined than ever to allow staff to telework and often need people to be able to work from different points around the globe. The A8500 delivers more than a standard SSL VPN giving those enterprises an Internet access gateway that combines many years of development and market experience with close alliance with customer requirements. The result is the optimum solution for secure access. The new high performance platform will serve as a springboard for us to offer new and exciting features for today and tomorrow.”

The A8500’s operating system platform has been completely redesigned with a 64-bit OS resulting in improved scalability, faster performance, and “future-proof” functionality. Built on top of the latest Intel Nehalem technology, the A8500 boasts a new high performance database, RAID storage and a dual Power supply.

A host of enterprise-driven features include: the Reporter, for producing user activity reports for auditing, compliance, and usage measurement reporting; Access level management for limiting privileges for users who do not pass client integrity checks for remediation options or to allow business continuity with a reduced level of access; and Universal Printing for users to print locally or on a Network printer without having to install new print drivers or Adobe Acrobat.

The A8500 offers secure remote access to thousands of users to highly confidential data to meet the most stringent American, Canadian and EMEA security standards. With any PC or laptop, telecommuters, branch office employees, business partners and a mobile sales force can quickly and securely reach virtually any resource used in a company’s business.

About AEP Networks

AEP Networks offers secure end-to-end communications and networking solutions for government, enterprise and carriers. We work with Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers, Channel Partners and directly with end customers to deliver integrated solutions incorporating our products:

•    Enhanced-grade, centrally managed IPSec-based closed site-to-site network systems with optional fixed or mobile remote access
•    FIPS 140-2 Level 4 Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for top of the range secure cryptographic key management and storage
•    Secure remote access to networks and applications – including virtual environments – via application-layer security Access with optional HSM secure key management
•    Secure voice and multi-service data platform that support a wide range of communications protocols and network topologies

Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, AEP Networks has key hub offices in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Australia. For more information, visit www.aepnetworks.com.

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