A.E. Robinson Oil Company has been in business since 1950 and is a family-owned and operated company with three offices and retail locations in the state of Maine.

ADD eStore is a home office / store manager software solution for the convenience store industry. Its intuitive data centric solution offers marketers unprecedented visibility into their operations as well as a dynamic and easy-to-maintain Pricebook. The Atlas Reporting™ Business Intelligence platform, delivers detailed analysis and reporting is a must have for any business that requires efficient access to actionable information in order to make critical, timely decisions.

“Maintenance of virtually everything in eStore is so straightforward and easy,” said Scott Goodridge, IT Project Manager for A.E. Robinson. “It has a ton of possibilities and I think I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with this system’s capabilities. We are very anxious to get into the Atlas Reporting Business Intelligence piece so that we can get a better view of what’s actually going on in our c-stores. In the end we think that the “total package” of ADD eStore along with the Atlas Reporting software will really help us analyze, understand and grow our c-store business”.

ADD eStore is the culmination of a research and development effort that began in September of 2008. ADD Systems formed an advisory “Retail Partner” council to guide the design efforts for its new convenience store software package. The Retail Partner council consisted of a select group of customers and non-customers. It allowed ADD Systems to combine the expertise of its experienced staff with the real world expertise of its large and diverse client base.

Robert Culbertson, ADD Systems COO, explains the company’s bold R&D initiative: “We have 110 customers representing thousands of stores successfully running our existing application. The fast changing needs of this group and the industry at large challenged us to build a software product that is ahead of the curve, providing users with features that will allow for efficient operations, data simplicity, and process flexibility. ADD eStore is also fully integrated with our Wholesale application since we know that many marketers are diversified into both sectors. ADD Systems wanted to invest in the c- store market and express our commitment to the industry by delivering technology driven value to a broad spectrum of customers, from small independents to the largest marketers.”

A.E. Robinson’s Scott Goodridge went on to say that “the ADD Systems’ team has been great to work with… anytime I needed anything someone has been right there to help. And with this being a ground up project, it was important to be able to offer recommendations during the final development process. I was able to make several suggestions that I thought made the system better and more user friendly.”

Since 1973, ADD Systems has been a leading provider of software for the petroleum, propane, gasoline, convenience store industries. They maintain their corporate headquarters in Flanders, New Jersey and subsidiary offices in Montreal, Orlando, and Providence. Their software solutions include ADD Energy E3®, ADD eStore™, Atlas Reporting™ Business Intelligence, RAVEN® and Pegasus® hand-held on-board truck computers and SmartConnect® a Web services gateway. Visit their Web site and learn more at www.addsys.com, or contact them at 1-800-922-0972.

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