AccuMaster Battery Tester Assures Battery Reliability

The AccuMaster BT Battery Load Tester is a compact and portable digital 12V battery tester that checks and analyzes a battery load system. Its main function is to analyze the battery in four indexes: Battery Condition Percentage, Batter Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), Voltage Value and Resistance. Plus, you can use it to perform ground cable checks, positive cable checks and charging system checks.

The tester can be used with a variety of batteries including Flood, AGM, Gel and Deep Cycle batteries. Further, it works across the CCA test range of 0-1995 and offers reliable and accurate operation for an extended number of 12V battery sizes.

“The value of a battery tester is found in its ease of use and dependability,” said Steve Kennedy, President of Calculated Industries. “That is why we made the AccuMaster BT which is straightforward to use, works fast and provides precise easy-to-understand results.”

Featuring a large backlit LED screen for easy reading, the AccuMaster BT also has extra-long 21.7 inch cables with heavy duty terminal clamps for secure connections. As part of the Tester’s worry-free design is its built-in reverse polarity protection for both the testing unit and the car’s system. Plus, you can perform continuous testing on the battery without harm. The unit also sounds a beep as a reminder function that can be used with any of its tests.

While the Tester is rugged enough for daily use in a garage, its small size allows you to carry it in your glovebox for roadside use. Further, since the unit uses the test battery for power to operate and does not use its own power, it will always be ready when you need it.

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