ABOV and Martal Team Up to Squash North American Supply Chain Issues in the Smart Home Appliance Sector


[PRESSWIRE] Ontario, Canada – 28 December, 2022 — North American OEMs and distributors now have the opportunity to streamline their supply chain through ABOV Semiconductor, a leader in smart home appliance MCU technology.


While the chip shortage has subsided in many sectors, several smart home appliance OEMs and distributors are still struggling to balance supply and demand. Inconsistencies in quality and lead times are the two biggest challenges these companies face today.


The initiative between Martal Group and ABOV Semiconductor began on September 1st, 2022, and will continue into 2023. During this time, Martal will introduce ABOV to North American vendors that play a critical role in the manufacturing and distributing of MCU-reliant smart home appliance products.


“We are looking forward to the much-needed reprieve this partnership will provide for North American suppliers and consumers,” says Vito Vishnepolsky, the founder and director of Martal Group. “Through ABOV, OEMs and distributors will be able to overcome the delays and quality-control issues that most companies experience when working with similar manufacturers in China.”


By decreasing lead times and enhancing production, ABOV aims to provide smart home appliance vendors with a more economical solution while building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


“ABOV is Worldwide No. 4 in the Home Appliance MCU market and has more than 30 years of MCU development and manufacturing experience. We have global customers such as Samsung, LG, and Philips, and a full product line up from 8-bit to 32-bit MCUs, allowing us to provide total solutions satisfying customer’s needs.” says Ho-Kwon Yoon, the Chief Marketing Officer of ABOV Semiconductor.


About Martal Group: Since 2009, Martal Group has served as a sales partner specializing in outbound B2B lead generation for tech companies worldwide. The experts at Martal have successfully facilitated multiple government-led initiatives geared toward market expansion for local businesses through the agency’s proven sales strategies.


About ABOV Semiconductor: As a leading semiconductor manufacturer, ABOV provides a variety of microcontroller unit (MCU) solutions. ABOV Semiconductor is expanding its business internationally and developing more reliable supply chains for microcontroller production