2021 Holiday Gift Guide


Top gift ideas for picky recipients (including digital gifts that aren’t reliant on delivery and shipping windows).


Lifestyle & Health


The Calm App 

Need static white noise while working in your home office? Does your teen need some instrumental music during studies? Does the little one need audio children’s books? Find them all on the Calm App.

Smart Goods



Know someone who has overflowing shelves? Every #Bookstagram book lover could benefit from literature themed gloves, scarves, throw pillows or blankets. StoriArts has genres to suit every taste. 



Nothing reminds you to brush up on your French and Italian like trying to read a romantic restaurant menu, #AmIRite? Gift someone the gift of language learning with DuoLingo. Great for beginners and polyglots alike, the plus version unlocks many additional features including audio stories, streak freeze bonuses and more. Besides, who doesn’t love gloating on social media that they’ve leveled up on their Klingon?





Whether you just want to jazz up your social media or you need some simplification for graphic design at work, school or for your side hustle, Canva makes designing a breeze for polished postcards, memes, posters, and business cards. Need a banner for your socials? They’ve already got templates and specs on the platform. Try it out with the free version, step it up and upgrade once you see how easy it is to quickly build a professional looking image – with or without your own photos or logos. 


Soft Goods



It’s always better to give than receive. That’s why you’ll love giving Bombas – best known for their socks. For every pair or themed socks, t-shirt or set of undies you purchase, they’ll donate one to a homeless organization in need. 


Beauty & Skincare



The best beauty and skin care is cruelty-free. Why not stamp that makeup with the turtles you’re saving or the endangered animals you’re working to protect? Chantecaille offers both luxury skincare and makeup that makes a difference.