2019 sees major strides forward for Rock Fall Safety Boots


Building on 11 years of growth exceeding 20% every year, the senior management team have made several changes during 2019, with dramatic results the most exciting of which is more than 10 new positions, with 3 being new mid-management roles in the business. As a result, they have significantly improved field sales presence to service their network of over 500 Authorised Distribution Partners in the UK.

The expansion doesn’t just stop at the UK border though, the business has doubled its Rest of World turnover, including new supply agreements in UAE, China, Philippines and Singapore. They are supporting this impressive growth with International exhibitions booked or held in China, America and the United Arab Emirates.

Overall the company grew at 21% with turnover now well into 8 figures. The company was trusted with a record single order from UK Infrastructure, with over 6,000 pairs issued.

Given that the industry is stagnant, growing at around 1-2% each year Rock Fall have shown great vision in launching 4 new styles for markets such as foundry, chemical, power distribution, nuclear, aerospace and defence.

Recognising the shift in mentality Rock Fall have released their first Sustainability Report which aims to highlight the good work they have done so far.

Finally, the company has also made updates to current products, which include changing them to feature an international toecap and certifying them to conform in European, American and Australian markets. Showing the world that they are “open for business”. This Rock Fall ‘Worldwide’ Range features styles for construction, utilities, heavy manufacturing and foundry, power generation and transmission, car manufacturing, aerospace and defence.

A statement from their senior management team said:

“Several years ago, we took the decision to focus on long term, high specification, developments in safety footwear. Since then we have launched several world first and industry defining products. Doing this has increased our reputation significantly and enabled us to compete against the largest brands in the world, anywhere in the world.”

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