100K for a date – Love doesn’t know about the credit crunch!

Evan 36, joined Seventy Thirty, an elite introduction service for the well-heeled in February this year. He was invited to a private party by a Seventy Thirty Matchmaking Specialist where he saw Sarah, 28, an actress. As he didn’t have chance to meet her at the party he asked his Matchmaking Specialist to make an introduction. Sarah was taking her time, changing her mind so Evan decided to step up the chase. He had already paid £60,000 for his Black Star membership so he asked Seventy Thirty to organise the most romantic date that Sarah could not refuse.

Rachel MacLynn from Seventy Thirty together with Mark Green from Oxygen 4, a luxury private jet company, created a bespoke package for Evan; A Challenger 604 flying from London – Paris – Nice and back, with on board catering such as Caviar, Cristal Champagne and fresh strawberries for the price of £30,000. In the south of France a famous restaurant was specially booked for Evan & Sarah and a luxury yacht was waiting to take them for an evening sail, all for the price of £10,000.

£100K for a date! What is worth it? Why would super rich go that far for love?

For the full story please call Rachel MacLynn from Seventy Thirty on 020 7863 8880 or email Rachel at rachel@seventy-thirty.com

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