Quiet Trendsetters Study Highlights Distrust of Social Media, with Implications for the Political Class


 [PRESSWIRE] RESTON, Va., March 28, 2019 -- Heart+Mind Strategies' study of Quiet Trendsetters, people less likely to be vocal about their attitudes and opinions, highlights both the use of and distrust of social media. The results have implications as politicians ramp up their use of social media going into 2020.

Quiet Trendsetters use many different social media platforms, for a variety of reasons, such as connecting with friends and family, business and entertainment. Many turn to social media out of boredom or curiosity about what friends and family are up to.  A few say they only log in when they are seeking specific information. 

"I have also joined many Facebook groups that help me to be more informed and allow me to ask questions when I need help or specific information on topics such as parenting, natural health and wellness."

"I use them to keep in contact with people and gain new ideas.  I also find them entertaining."  

However, these Quiet Trendsetters also see a dark side to social media and agree caution is needed when using these platforms. 

"Social media is a good thing if used correctly and if you use it incorrectly it will probably make your life miserable."

Politicians eying 2020 runs can feel confident that  Quiet Trendsetters will accept their social media use -  this group  understands their need to use social media as one more tool for outreach.  However, they accept it as a means rather than an end. So candidates must stay on message and not appear to be fame-seeking.  

Another caution is that, collectively, Quiet Trendsetters are less trusting of what they see on social media and than they may have been in the past and appear to be less impacted by the "influencer" model.  To reach this population, social media engagement must be completely authentic.   

"Is them being on social media really any differet then holding town halls, or press conferences, or going door to door to talk to people?  Social media has made it easy for them to [reach people] without having to leave the comfort of their office.  There is probably a better use of their time, though."

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