ID Chain Foundation and DeepBrain Chain Foundation establish strategic partnership


 [PRESSWIRE] SHANGHAI, Jan. 31, 2018 -- ID Chain Foundation, Ltd., a Singapore-based registered charitable organization backed by a Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Taiwan blockchain project research team, and DeepBrain Chain (DBC Foundation, an organization supported by a blockchain technology-driven AI computing platform, jointly announced the establishment of a strategic partnership, whereby both parties will cooperate on artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing outside of their home markets.

ID Chain will take advantage of DBC's neural network computing nodes, and DBC will help ID Chain cut computing costs, while gaining access to ID Chain's computing competence.

ID Chain aims to use blockchain technology to meet market demand for certification, which remains largely unmet in the internet era yet is becoming even more urgent with the advent and increasing use of IoT and AI. The approach focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to provide high-efficiency, reliable yet low-cost certification of ID, credit or data between two individuals (or groups of individuals), between an individual and an object (a device or a piece of equipment) or between two objects, in a bid to redefine the global certification industry and provide a fast, highly efficient and reliable certification platform and related tools, through the setting up of a platform of co-managed blockchain nodes.

DBC, a blockchain technology-driven AI computing platform, is committed to helping AI firms worldwide solve industry challenges, reduce computing costs and protect data privacy.

The partnership between ID Chain and DBC, a win-win cooperation, will facilitate the healthy development of a blockchain ecosystem and promote wide adoption of blockchain-based apps.

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