World Religion News: Does Turkey Oppress Religious Minorities?


 [PRESSWIRE] SANTA MONICA, California, December 22, 2017 -- Grégory Mathieu of World Religion News in his new article brings up the subject of the relationship between the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul and its Turkish hosts, the history of their interaction, its current state and the prospects of this arrangement's sustainability in the future.

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The author reminds about the origins of the current state of affairs between Phanar (a district in Istanbul where the Constantinople Patriarchate is located) and the Turkish government. While preparing the Lausanne Treaty draft in 1923 Turkey suggested moving the Greek Patriarchate to Mount Athos in Greece, but the offer was soundly rejected by the Patriarchate in favor of staying in Istanbul. In exchange, the Patriarch agreed to fully withdraw from political life and only focus on providing spiritual guidance to the remaining in Turkey Orthodox Christians.

Yet, according to the author, it is not the case now, and in fact has not been the case for many years. The article provides an impressive list of very prominent politicians the Patriarch and his people meet, sometimes on a regular basis, making it obvious that no geographical area is too far, no political topic too removed from the Phanar's interests. And many of those interests do not fall in line with, or at the very least not undermine, the interests of the Patriarchate's Turkish hosts, notes the author, which is in direct violation of the spirit and the letter of the original agreement.