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Press Releases in Technology

New Portable Penetrator keeps corporate Wi-Fi networks secure

A major update to the Portable Penetrator Wi-Fi Audit device from leading IT network security company Secpoint can keep corporate networks absolutely secure from external attack...

Secpoint's new Portable Penetrator PP3000 with firmware V7.5 allows browser-based wireless vulnerability scanning of very large networks across hundreds of IP addresses simultaneously.

DA Group Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for Movie-Making Application

GLASGOW (October 23, 2009) – DA Group announces it has licensed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 for use with Muvizu 3D, the Company’s free 3D animation package. Recently released as a public alpha, the Muvizu 3D application is available now for download from www.muvizu.com, a site which allows users of all skill sets to collaborate on film, audio and drama projects with easy-to-use tools and viewable results in real time.

studenttype.com reveals students are wasting 339m hours because they can't type

A recent study by revolutionary touch typing trainer Student-type.com has revealed that each year UK students are losing 339 million hours because they can’t type properly.

“Most of us are still typing like electro-chickens, hunting and pecking with our index fingers to find the right keys” says Sue Westwood of Student-type.com

The average student can type (that’s input the words, check and correct them) at around 20 words per minute. A student that can type properly (use all their fingers, look at the screen, not their hands) will type at least 80 words per minute.


San Diego, CA – April 22, 2009 – Chumby announced today the public availability of chumby® Internet devices in the United Kingdom. Consumers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can now purchase the innovative and award-winning chumby directly from chumby online at http://store.chumby.com for $199.95.

The UK joins Japan (http://www.chumby.jp/) and Australia (http://chumby.on.net/) as the first locations outside the U.S. where consumers can purchase chumbys.

Businesses needn't skimp on security: SecPoint's Protector offers unbeatable value

The latest network Protector from Danish IT security experts SecPoint means corporate customers worldwide can protect their businesses from escalating network threats despite the downturn...

While firms are cutting costs anyway they can, security professionals running IT departments are unwilling to let budgets compromise their ability to fend off malware, spam and denial of service attacks with good reason.

How Secure is Your Corporate Wi-Fi Network? Test it With SecPoint

With WPA encryption already being cracked, and hackers harnessing graphics cards to break wireless keys in minutes, firms should look at SecPoint's wireless testing product the Penetrator to ensure their networks are secure...

Network experts have recently demonstrated how to detect a wireless network 3.6km away using a metal pole; how to break the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) key that WPA uses in under 15 minutes; and how to speed up encryption key cracking 10,000 times by graphics card processors in a business network.


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