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Press Releases in General

Think tank's call for binding pre-nups chimes with top UK divorce lawyer

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag is in favour of English courts applying couples’ prenuptial agreements - a call being made on Monday by the Centre for Social Justice.

"The English stance on prenuptial agreements has been coming under increasing pressure in recent years. It is high time that a couples’ right to agree their own affairs and to expect each other to be held to that agreement, subject to the usual contractual safeguards, be recognised," Vardag said.

Perlage Now Used In More Than 1,000 Top Restaurants

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. – NOVEMBER 6TH, 2008 - The Perlage System, the highly acclaimed champagne and sparkling wine preservation device, is now being used by more than one thousand of the world’s top restaurants. Perlage, tested and approved by major sparkling wine producers in France and California, has revolutionized restaurant by-the-glass wine programs in the United States and Europe. Using Perlage, restaurants can now preserve open bottles of sparkling wine for weeks with no loss of quality, taste or effervescence.

Planet Mobility Sales Reach Over $11m

Planet Mobility was founded by Michael R. Woods, a 32-year old man that was involved in a accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Mr. Woods felt that the medical industry was overcharging people that had to pay for medical equipment out of pocket. He was right!

The medical industry was generally charging over 100% markup on all medical equipment. This means the wheelchair Mr. Woods needed after being paralyzed was sold by the manufacture at $14,800. yet the company that sold to Mr. Woods charged him $28,900.


If you are putting together your Christmas gift guides, we have some great ideas for you!


Fine tasting and good looking teas from Bellevue Teas. These little packets of affordable luxury make perfect corporate gifts, stocking fillers and presents for any foodies in your life. At just £1.80 a packet, there will also be Christmas selection packs available.

Divorce lawyers are a girl's best friend when it comes to pets

A couple’s animals could become the next battleground in expensive divorce cases after a British court ordered a banker to pay £50,000 a year in maintenance for his ex-wife's horses.

Appeal judges awarded the woman a £1.5 million divorce package, which included a £900,000 lump sum to buy a house with enough land to graze her animals.

The childless couple from Gloucestershire were married for 11 years. The court heard that the horses had almost become a child substitute for the wife, a talented rider who enjoyed eventing.

Spreading the word on flu jabs!

West country company vows to make communication easier and cheaper for Doctor’s surgeries...

A Somerset company has vowed to save GP practices time and money in getting their vulnerable patients into the surgery for flu jabs this winter. CFH Total Document Management has offered to make its Docmail letter system available to surgeries across the country at reduced cost, to ensure that all appointment and reminder letters get out to the people who need them.

Lowest divorce rate for 26 years due to 'uncertainty'

Divorce figures for England and Wales have fallen to their lowest rate for 26 years because marriage has become such an unattractive option, a top UK divorce lawyer says...

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag (www.ayeshavardag.com) says celebrity divorces, changing social attitudes and an unhelpful legal system are all contributing to a decline in marriages and divorce.


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