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Press Release Distribution

We send and track press releases we email to journalists on our live global database: at newspapers and magazines, television and radio stations, websites and wire systems. Your business releases will land on business desks and your consumer releases will reach consumer journalists, in all target areas, maximising your exposure and boosting coverage.

Presswire also self-publishes releases across its own network of websites, as well as to major social media, so they are picked up by search engines, Google News, aggregators and RSS subscribers, bringing you high-value, long tail SEO benefits.

Our industry-leading Press Release Distribution service works by sending your press releases directly to the journalists most likely to write about them.

We do this by tailor-making bespoke lists for each individual release from our live Media Contacts Database of more than half a million editorial opportunities, across Regional and National Newspapers, Magazines (Trade and Consumer), TV, Radio and Online.

Press releases can be sent through our website by registered Presswire users, or directly if you email them to us. They can be sent as pure text or HTML, complete with images and embedded video at no extra cost.

Prior to send-out, a human editor checks every press release for typos, spelling mistakes, broken links, corrupt formatting and missing images to ensure recipients and search engines always receive a faultless message. We then test send each release to ensure it always reaches the recipients’ Inbox folders, avoiding overzealous spam/junk filters.

We distribute press releases directly through The Press Association UK national news agency.

Press Association Distribution

Founded in 1868, the Press Association (PA) distributes releases and pictures to media outlets, goverment departments and corporate communications departments via dedicated news terminals throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, Europe and Globally.

As part of this service a Presswire editor will format your press release to the Press Association terminal standard and upload it directly onto PA Mediapoint, then send you a screenshot of it running on their wire.

Our clients can also have images distributed simultaneously through PA Photowire and the PA Mediapoint archive.

Pictures or graphics are then made available to the thousands of PA subscribers and end users, who can then drop them directly into articles and programmes.


Topic Description
ACCIDENT Man made and natural events resulting in loss of life or injury to living creatures and/or damage to inanimate objects or property.
ADVENTURE Expeditions, daring feats, exploration, record-breaking, risk-associated events
ADVISORY A correction to a story
AIR Airplane and airport operations
ANIMALS Stories involving animals of all types
ARTS Matters pertaining to the advancement and refinement of the human mind, of interests, skills, tastes and emotions
BLAST Sudden eruptions, usually of chemical substances
BUDGET The national budget as promulgated by the government
CHARITY Matters pertaining to charity organisations and/or generous donations
CITY All matters concerning the planning, production and exchange of wealth.
COMMONS The lower chamber of a legislative body
CONSUMER Shopping, products for the home, relevant surveys, product recalls
COURTS The system set up to deal with crime and those who do them
CRIME Establishment and/or statement of the rules of behaviour in society, the enforcement of these rules, breaches of the rules and the punishment of offenders. Organizations and bodies involved in these activities.
DEATH Death of newsworthy person. With lingering deaths, HEALTH is used up to point of death
DEFENCE Anything involving the defence of one's own country
DIPLOMATIC The use of verbal and written skills for persuading others to your point of view
ECONOMY Content of a general nature about trade and the economy
EDUCATION All aspects of furthering knowledge of human individuals from birth to death.
ELECTION The selection of representatives by the casting of votes
ENVIRONMENT All aspects of protection, damage, and condition of the ecosystem of the planet earth and its surroundings.
EU All aspects relating to the EU, legislation, policies, matters which will affect the UK
FARM The process of producing natural materials for consumption
FINANCE Finance news, annual results, city news
FIRE Ignition and consumption of materials through a combination of high heat and oxygen
FORCES Matters relating to the Armed Forces
FUNERAL Funeral of above type of person (mentioned in DEATH); event deemed newsworthy in itself for pomp or interesting attendees
GDC Includes stories about specific health organizations, including professional associations, non-profits and international groups
GMC Includes stories about specific health organizations, including professional associations, non-profits and international groups
HEALTH All aspects pertaining to the physical and mental welfare of human beings.
HERITAGE Regional events relating to a town or areas heritage, culture, customs
HISTORY Issues connected with the past; discoveries of artefacts; anniversaries of events, commemoration.
HONOURS Decorations, awards and prizes, including those given by the government
HOSPICE News covering end-of-life matters
INDUSTRY The business of turning raw materials into useable products
INQUEST Formal investigation of sudden or unexpected death and the hearing to decide cause of death.
INQUIRY Formal hearing involving a disaster, political event etc. Eg rail crash, drug prescription scandal.
IRISH Irish news
LEGAL The codification of rules of behaviour
LORDS Senior chamber of a legislative body
LOTTERY Gambling, often involving selection of sets of numbers one expects to come up
MEDIA Television, radio, magazines, newspapers etc
MEMORIAL An event or object dedicated to a deceased person or an event involving death(s) eg a service or memorial dedication.
MISSING A person who is not where they are expected to be for a period of time
MONEY An individual's income and expenses
MUSIC Music and showbiz news, stories, new releases, acts 
NATURE Taken as a whole the natural environment of flora and fauna
PARLIAMENT The collective body of elected officials representing the people
POLICE Agents of the legal system set up enforce the laws
POLITICS Local, regional, national and international exercise of power, or struggle for power, and the relationships between governing bodies and states.
POLL Periodic measurement of a political candidate's standing with the public
PRESS Daily or weekly publications that present the day to day history of the world, as well as features, comics etc
PRISONS Also know as jails, lockups, calaboose, etc. for keeping law breakers from society
PROTEST A public show of feeling or opinion, as by a mass meeting or parade
RAIL The business of transporting people or cargo by rail
RELIGION All aspects of human existence involving theology, philosophy, ethics and spirituality.
RESCUE A rescue operation, usually on land or in space. SEA is used for maritime rescues.
ROYAL News on imperial and royal family members, including matters on legal systems.
SALE Auction sale of valuable or historic object.
SCIENCE All aspects pertaining to human understanding of nature and the physical world and the development and application of this knowledge
SCOTLAND Scottish news
SEA All matters concerning the sea, sea rescue, environmental stories, sea creatures
SHOWBIZ News about celebrities, i.e. Madonna has a baby, Elton John sues his accountants etc.
SOCIAL Aspects of the behaviour of humans affecting the quality of life.
SPORT Competitive exercise involving physical effort. Organizations and bodies involved in these activities.
TECHNOLOGY All aspects pertaining to human understanding of nature and the physical world and the development and application of this knowledge
TOURISM Stories about leisure travel involving visits to a number of locations and/or countries over an extended period of time, often as part of an organized group
TRANSPORT The means of getting from one place to the other without walking
TRAVEL Stories about transport options, travel networks, commuting, car pooling and business travel
TRIBUNAL Formal hearing usually involving employment issues, property etc.
TV Stories related to television as art and entertainment
ULSTER Ulster news
WALES Welsh news
WAR A formal declaration of hostilities by one country against another
WEATHER The study, reporting and prediction of meteorological phenomena.
WESTMINSTER All matters relating to Westminster, parliament, commons

Tracking Reports

As press releases are distributed, our unique system tracks each recipient so we can report who opened them, whether they were forwarded, how many times they were read and how long they were read for. This provides you with immensely valuable data to compare pick-up metrics from one release to another, as well as providing you with a roadmap for following-up with your key targets.

Tracking Reports are delivered to you a week after the distribution, in Excel format, and show you:

  • All of the primary recipients who received and opened your release. It does not show any of the contacts who received the release but did not open it (bear in mind, many people read their messages in the preview pane of Outlook, etc.)
  • Where we identify that a recipient opened your release and looked at it for more than 4 seconds, we include their name, position, publication title and telephone number (where available), for following-up purposes.
  • Where there are multiple openings of your release, it could mean that the same reporter is returning to it, or that they opened it and forwarded it to a colleague, who has then also opened it.
  • The average metrics provided at the top of the table show you how many opens, how many reads and how long an email was read for – this is invaluable when comparing one release against another, especially if you put multiple releases through Presswire in future, enabling you to tweak the language and presentation of future releases to boost pick-up and effectiveness.

We syndicate all our customers’ press releases across our own network of websites as well as through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner, Digg and Delicious. We provide permanent links to our releases and push them onto Google News, promoting your keywords, content and links to major search engines for the long-term, providing quality back-links that will boost your search engine rankings and page rank for years to come.

Example of a Tracking Report, available here.

SEO Boost

In terms of SEO-building, we provide an SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] Super Boost, for your press release’s main keywords.

The Presswire Search Engine Optimisation Super Boost for Press Releases is the ultimate solution for customers who are serious about SEO. If you’re stuck in a Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) below your competitors, then the Presswire SEO super boost can take your online visibility to the next level. You can be sure of getting guaranteed inclusion on 500+ news websites, including National, Regional, TV & Radio, Trade/Industry, and International News sites. We will also undertake blog distribution and social media sharing.

Super Boosting the SEO of a Presswire Press Release comprises ethical whitehat link-building and the latest cutting-edge syndication methods to increase your website’s results position, even for the most competitive keywords.

A standard Presswire Press Release SEO Super Boost promotes two keywords in any one release using high Google Page Rank (GPR) niche-related, contextual backlinks from high authority domains, with keyword analysis by our experts to ensure we’re promoting you to search engines in the best possible way. You will also receive a report three days afterwards, for every release you purchase an SEO Boost for.

Example of an SEO Report, available here.

Regional Press Release Distribution

United Kingdom
Reach national and regional newspapers, radio, TV, magazines and websites across consumer, trade and business media. To see more industries or sub-categories within industries or to view available lists of media outlets within selected industries, contact us.

Distribution to over 40 European countries in English, German, French, and Spanish, reaching over 2,700 media points in Eastern, Western and Central Europe. Includes government press offices, centralised news agency networks and newspaper desks. To see more industries or sub-categories within industries or to view available lists of media outlets within selected industries, contact us.

Includes broad national coverage, major regions and targeted local areas with distribution to websites, database and trade publications at no extra cost. To see more industries or sub-categories within industries or to view available lists of media outlets within selected industries, contact us.

Our World option takes your message global. This includes full national distribution, which ensures your release is sent to wire services and financial terminal systems, top web sites, trade and consumer publications in a vertical industry of your choice as well as top newspapers and broadcast outlets across the US and Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Translation into most other major languages is available. To see more industries or sub-categories within industries or to view available lists of media outlets within selected industries, contact us.

News Wires
Includes the service you specify above, plus distribution directly onto the international news wire systems all global newsrooms rely upon to plan and execute news running orders and production.  To request a list of our news wire services, contact us.

Trade Media

Presswire's vertical industry lists make it easy for you to select the media options most appropriate to you and your clients. And when you select domestic circuits, distribution of your press release to relevant trades is complimentary. Take advantage of vertical industry distributions targeting more than 140 segments, including:

  • Advertising
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Arts
  • Automotive
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Biotech
  • Business
  • Chemicals
  • Computers
  • Construction
  • Crime/Defense
  • Education & Training Electronics Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Leisure
  • Lifestyle
  • Management
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Mining
  • News & Current Affairs
  • Paper & Forestry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Services
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Religion
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Science & Research
  • Semiconductors
  • Seniors
  • Software
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Tourism/Travel
  • Utilities