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[PRESSWIRE] GERMANY – 19 June, 2020 -- Corona Radar by German-Swiss entrepreneur Bert Neckermann is a new app to help people protect themselves from infection with Covid-19. The app shows – in real time – nearby persons and their risk status on a kind of radar screen. It is GPS-based, covering a radius of 3 to about 200 m. The app works 100% anonymously, is available worldwide and free of charge – payment to support the app only on a voluntary basis


[PRESSWIRE] Switzerland – 19.06.20 -- Alman-İsviçreli girişimci Bert Neckermann, insanların Covid-19 ile enfeksiyondan korunmalarına yardımcı olmak için Corona Radar isimli yeni bir uygulama sunuyor. Uygulama – gerçek zamanlı olarak – bir tür radar ekranında yakındaki kişileri ve risk durumlarını gösterir.  Corona Radar GPS tabanlıdır ve 3 ila yaklaşık 200 metrelik bir yarıçapı kapsar. Uygulama %100 anonim olarak çalışır, dünyanın her yerinde ve ücretsiz olarak kullanılabilir; ancak isteğe bağlı destek ödemeleri kabul edilir.


[PRESSWIRE] Switzerland - Jueves, 19 de junio de 2020 -- Corona Radar, desarrollada por el empresario germano-suizo Bert Neckermann, es una nueva app que ayuda  a las personas a protegerse frente a la infección del Covid-19. La app muestra, en tiempo real, las personas cercanas y su estado de riesgo de manera parecida a la que funciona la pantalla de un radar. Está basada en la localización por GPS, cubriendo un radio desde 3 hasta unos 200 metros. La app funciona 100% de manera anónima, está disponible en todo el mundo y es gratuita, el pago para apoyar a la app es voluntario.


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 25 May, 2020 -- A responsive and optimistic new book launches worldwide on Tuesday 2 June, 2020. Aftershocks and Opportunities - Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future explores themes such as what it would be like to have a bi-annual ‘quarantine month’, what would happen if the social security contract between generations breaks down, how to reinvent government and business, and how to put people and planet at the heart of the recovery agenda. 

[PRESSWIRE] New York, New York - 14 May, 2020 -- Des Chefs d’État et des organismes des Nations Unies, des institutions financières internationales et des dirigeants de la société civile, du secteur privé et d’organisations de recherche et d’enseignement ont publié aujourd’hui la déclaration suivante...

[PRESSWIRE] New York, New York - 14 May, 2020 -- Heads of State and of United Nations agencies, International Financial Institutions, and leaders of civil society, private sector and research and learning organizations made the following statement today...

[PRESSWIRE] New York, New York - 14 May, 2020 -- Chefes de Estado e Governo e de agências das Nações Unidas, instituições financeiras internacionais e líderes da sociedade civil, setor privado e organizações de academicas emitiram hoje a seguinte Chamada à Ação...

[PRESSWIRE] New York, New York - 14 May, 2020 -- Los Jefes de Estado y de los organismos de las Naciones Unidas, las instituciones financieras internacionales y los dirigentes de la sociedad civil, el sector privado y las organizaciones de investigación y aprendizaje formularon hoy la siguiente declaración...


[PRESSWIRE] Luxembourg - 14 May, 2020 -- The pandemic has taken the medical world by surprise and challenged the medical device industry, putting a heavy strain on manufacturers. How does a CEO juggle between the intensifying demand for reliable medical equipment, the need for innovations, and the safety of his employees to make sure that COVID-19 is behind us in the shortest time possible?

[PRESSWIRE] Vienna - 17 April, 2020 -- The Austrian biotech incubator and accelerator CEBINA GmbH today announces the initiation of several collaborative projects that address the global health crisis caused by the pandemic spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These efforts aim to provide short-, mid- and longer-term solutions to fight COVID-19, and includes projects on drug repurposing, new anti-viral compounds to be used as food supplements and unique vaccine approaches.